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<"Big Brother Maekrite called me, so I came outside! The door was a necessary casualty.">

Pierce is Rex's Jolteon and one of his youngest Pokémon. He was conceived by Rascal and Blossom in a room in a Fallarbor Hotel during the Hoenn Arc, and to the music of the great Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Baby" (Post #121362).

He was quickly hatched into an Eevee sometime near Dec 20 2011, thus adding to the already large amount of characters of this species in WAAPT. Aqua showed Pierce around and failed to explain him how baby Eevees were made. When he was little he called Ichtacya "mama".

When very young, Pierce for some reason imprinted onto Maekrite and wished to become a Nidorino when he grew up, prompting Rex to flip a table. He starts sticking with the Nidorino for a while and also decides Ichtacya will be his "unofficial Aunt", much like Salamence the Altaria is for Shahinne; Maekrite is offered unclehood but he prefers to stay as a "godfather" instead.

Partly because of Pierce's insistence on becoming a Nidorino, a running gag during the Eevee's childhood was to have Ichtacya suggest him to evolve into any of the different Eeveelutions for any particular reason to come to her mind, and she eventually slips into suggesting not-(yet-)canon Eeveelutions for him. However, very early Pierce decides that he'll settle for a Jolteon form, the closest to a Nidorino he can find (no, no Poison Eeveelution as of G5).


  • Take Down'd a door under the effect of Maekrite's Call for Family (Post #125231 and following).
  • Learned Poison Sting and Sludge Bomb and an undetermined Poison move thanks to a prophecy.
  • Earns Rex a badge after defeating the last of Fantina's mons during the Trainer's Sinnoh Challenge.
  • Learns Call for Family sometime prior to the 2011 Anniversary Party.
  • Transfers to PEFE Goldenrod and from there goes to the Johto Nidoran Colony to train under Maekrite's wing.


Pierce is the offspring of Rascal and Blossom.


Pierce's dialogue tag is usually colored ('cinnamon' in TVTropes), as are references to his name in other characters's dialogue.

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