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Name: Rex Hunter
Nickname: --
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (and Eros?)
Age: 20 (Nov. 10, 2016)
Height: {{{height}}}
Ethnicity: Johtoan
Birthday: October 9th, 1996
Trainer ID: -
Home: Goldenrod City, Johto
Pokéform: Spinda
Starter: Rascal

A Backpacker from Goldenrod City, Rex Hunter is an upbeat young man, eager to help out anyone he can. However, he has a tendency to get himself and people around him into trouble quite frequently, resulting in a number of misadventures both with and without the J-Team. Rex began his regional journeys in his home region of Johto, moving onto Kanto, and the Sevii Islands afterwards. Following a trip to the Orange Islands, he met and became an unofficial member of the J-Team.

Rex is written by [Hobgoblin] and made his first appearance on [page 3583].

Rex's clothes, gifted by Aphrodite.


Rex was born to Holly and Andrew Hunter in Saffron City, Kanto. His early childhood years were fairly normal, though his overactive imagination and penchant for fantasy caused him to grow up relatively friendless. As a result, he spent much of his time indoors, filling his time by either playing video games or mock-wrestling with his mother's Hitmontop.

Due to his father being at work for most of the day, Rex's interests stemmed from his mother's. Due to her influence, he developed both his love of reading and his desire to become a Pokémon Trainer. However, his father felt that he should not own a Pokémon, much to the boy's displeasure.

One day, Rex found himself heading to the Game Corner, managing to amass a modest number of coins. Cashing in his earnings, he was able to purchase an Eevee which he named Rascal due to the Pokémon's playful nature. Forming an immediate bond, the little boy excited to finally have a friend of his own. Rather than playing with others, they would explore various parts of town and have their own “adventures”. However, his father grew upset by Holly's gradual encouragement of what he perceived as "a future of frivolity", prompting a separation in the family that saw Holly and Rex moving to Goldenrod City, Johto.

As Rex became older, he became aware of the Pokémon battles that other people were partaking in. Deciding to use them as a way to finally get others to notice them, Rex challenged the first person he came across, a girl who had recently moved into the city. Unfortunately, she easily defeated him on three separate occasions. Devastated, Rex decided to give up on battling, returning to his childhood games. But, despite his love for Rascal, he still felt empty inside, the games no longer as amusing as they used to be.

Six months later, Rex became aware that the girl who defeated him was actually the new gym leader of the Goldenrod Gym, Whitney. Feeling a sudden twinge of resolve, Rex was determined to surpass her and all of the other trainers in Goldenrod. At the beginning of the next Johto League Season, Rex set out with Rascal, inadvertently becoming embroiled in and managing to prevent a Lapras poaching plot over the course of his journey. Ultimately, Rex was only able to collect 14 of the 16 badges, opting to take a trip to the Sevii Islands via the SS Anne to gain further experience. During this time, he met Kim, the two becoming fast friends over the course of their journey with both of their starters eventually becoming mates.

Following his journey through the Sevii Islands, Rex moved on to the Orange Islands, at which point in time he met the J-Team and became an acquaintance of the group, getting involved in a number of unusual circumstances such as Ferno's kidnapping of a Lugia and the blanketing of the Sinnoh Region in obscura. During this time, he began to gradually build up more nerve, managing to defeat the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and obtain all eight of their badges, opting not to challenge the League despite that due to feeling unprepared. Since then, the young man began focusing on studying Pokémon for the Pokédex project, heading to Kalos and again bumping into the J-Team. During this time, he met Eros, the Kalosian taking a shine to him which Rex seemingly reciprocates. Not long after, he managed to become a wielder of a Mega Bracelet, also managing to Mega Evolve Kim's Pokéform. Despite that, Rex was defeated soundly in battle by Korrina upon meeting her, opting to remain at the Tower of Mastery to train with her following his loss.

During his training, Rex managed to strengthen his team somewhat, gaining stronger skills for his Pokémon under Korrina's tutelage. However, Kim's Mega Evolution induces a feral ruthlessness within her mind amidst battles, prompting Korrina to suggest him to take the time to meditate with her in order to both curb her wild tendencies and gain a better bond with his Pokémon to improve his skills as a trainer. Intending to remain at the Tower of Mastery, Rex was contacted by Prof. Elm and asked to visit the Alola to study the new Pokémon discovered there, opting to use the situation as an opportunity to relax. Gifted new clothing by Aphrodite as well as an Xtransceiver from his aunt to replace his old Pokégear, Rex and Kim both applied for passports before leaving for Alola by ship, both hoping to improve themselves on their trip.

Important Items

  • Magnet Train Pass
  • Mega Ring and Key Stone (Ampharosite, Houndoominite)
  • Pokédex
  • Research Notebook
  • TM Case
  • Xtransceiver

Rex's Team



  • In Rex's canon backstory, Rex was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Unova following his parents' separation due to his mother racking up a great deal of debt. During this time, he met Rascal, a stray Eevee from Castelia, and adopted him as his Starter, obtaining an Oshawott from Bianca upon applying for Prof. Juniper's Pokédex project. Following that, he set out on a journey to train for his goal of battling against the various Fighting-type experts in the world.
  • Rex's canon Pokémon team is smaller than his WAAPT team, though a good number of them are shared such as Rascal and Ohm.

Rex's Team
Active : Rascal136Mini.pngCaspian503Mini.pngOhm181Mini.pngLian620Mini.pngSahara555Mini.pngMaitake286Mini.pngDamian214Mini.pngSirocco662Mini.png
Semi-Retired : Gin547Mini.pngGaea076Mini.pngMaya571Mini.pngAnya212Mini.pngMasque065Mini.pngRampage473Mini.pngLaplace131Mini.png
With Faith : Fang020Mini.pngBreezy189Mini.pngJemma300Mini.pngMinty542Mini.pngZippy026Mini.pngClaudia351Mini.png
Co-Owned : Aqua134Mini.pngPierce135Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola