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Name: Holly Hunter
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 39 (Nov. 11, 2016)
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Ethnicity: Kantoan
Birthday: March 15, 1977
Home: Goldenrod City, Johto
Pokéform: Kangaskhan
Starter: Joe

A former Battle Girl and ex-Gym Trainer from Saffron City's Karate Dojo, Holly Hunter is the mother of Rex Hunter and presently his only custodial parent. As a result of her son's continued adventures, she finds herself worrying about his well-being quite frequently, though she opts to let him maintain a degree of autonomy out of fear of becoming too overbearing.

Holly is written by [Hobgoblin].

"Sorry, sorry. There was an incident that resulted in me landing halfway across the world."


For most of her appearances, Holly has maintained a strong motherly presence in Rex's life, proving to be quite strong-willed and confidence in spite of her separation with her husband. While Holly maintains a job as a physical fitness trainer in Goldenrod and also aids at the Pokéathlon, she also watches over a number of Rex's Pokémon that are retired from battling duty.

During one of the J-Team's trips to Sinnoh, Holly and Silent were teleported from Goldenrod by Tagg's Xatu to Fallarbor Town, where various members of the cast Rex among them had fallen unconscious and entered the Mindscapes. During this time, she maintained the health of the vegetative Trainers until their return and berated Rex for getting involved in something dangerous after he proved to be safe. Since then, she has maintained occasional contact with the J-Team to ensure that her son stays safe. As a result, Copahue and Harriet are assiduous visitors to Holly's home in Goldenrod, with Holly's rooftop proving to be one of the couple's preferred cuddling places.


  • Is a mom :3.
  • Rescued Rex from poachers during his first adventure.
  • Picked up and grounded both Jemma and Inka for roughhousing in her home.
  • Entered Sinnoh in a Delibird gift box.

Holly's Team



  • Holly was originally named Faith before being renamed.
  • While never revealing the form in the context of the RP itself, Holly encountered the Human-to-Pokémon armband as a young trainer, gaining the ability to turn into a Kangaskhan (sans baby). As a result, she is able to speak Monese and has done so longer than Rex.
  • It is implied that Holly may have had adventures similar to those of the J-Team during her youth, expressing little surprise at seeing numerous Legendaries up-close.

Holly's Team
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