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Copahue is Silent's Fearow. Originally a HM slave of some mostly-retired trained in Pewter City, he was eventually sent off to PEFE as part of a Pokémon caring program, and was there assigned to Silent.

Species / Morph Fearow
Gender Male
Nature unknown
Age Info ~5 yr old
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by Trade program at Pewter City
Name Origin The name of a south-american volcano.
See also wikipedia:Copahue.
Archenemy The Evil Ashcloud.

His name is pronounced more or less like this: Copahue (spelling).


When he first came in to the team, Copahue was a very insecure mon, worried that his service to the team would be limited to a flying mount. This quickly started proving wrong as Silent and other trainers travelled to the Orange Islands, there he was tasked with serving as a fellow-bird role model for the recently hatched Starly♀ of the team, Shahinne.

By virtue of plot Copahue started revealing his insecurities to Harriet, Luke's Honchkrow, and spending friendly time with her. The Fearow eventually started becoming more confident in himself as he taught the little bird, and eventually went on to help Silent earn the title of Orange Islands Champion by taking part of the defeat of Drake's (non-hax) Dragonite.

By Hoenn, Copahue and Harriet had become much closer to each other as Shahinne required also a mother figure and the Honchkrow kinda sorta fell nicely on the slot. The three birds started spending much time together eventually forming a sort of family, and when Harriet revealed her feelings for Copahue, she asked Luke and Silent to be transferred so that she could help raise the Starly. Just as planned, chirp~

Copahue and Harriet together.
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During that time, Copahue was undergoing a time of extreme self-doubt. At a particular point where Shahinne got annoyed at him (due to poor communication of signals that Dintel was "lost") and yelled that he was not her father, Copahue hit the bottom of his mood and just perched somewhere alone to drown his sorrows in the soot from the nearby volcanoes. The properties of the soot and his depression combined to create an entity, the Evil Ashcloud that started chasing him and attacking him, at a point nearly drowning him dead in a pile of soot. Fortunately a group of mons such as Icicle were there to help.

As of the Kanjoh-2 arc, Harriet and Copahue are living together in a birdhouse atop PEFE Goldenrod's storage sheds and are pretty much officially a couple. They spend their time raising the Starly♀ and "cooing" on Faith's rooftop. Copahue is in charge of getting fish and Harriet collects berries and herbs.

Harriet and Copahue stay in Goldenrod for most of the time during Silent's trip to Kalos where he takes Shahinne alongside Roc. After that part of the visit is done they resume raising the chick, and the three later accompany Silent to Hoenn for the Hoenn-2 Arc. First thing in the region they meet Pianis, and thus Copahue and Harriet have met all four Morendo siblings.

Later Copahue undergoes a stressful episode when going through the Fallarbor road (again) and thinking he has lost Shahinne. He passes out after that, unaware he is under attack from the Evil Ashcloud.


From the issues in his backstory, Copahue is a mon who desperately wants to please others and not be taken for granted, as he served in the same role for many years until he was retired and, according to his own words, never felt adequate trying to return to the life of a wild Pokémon. At first he expected that arriving to Silent's team would merely be an extension of his role as a flying mount / Fly slave.

He is caring about his partners, but at the same time he is also not very assertive about their situation, as can be seen during his competition against Treeo for Harriet's heart, thus his main means of expressing concern for them is through the desire that they are not seen as a fixture like he used to be. At the same time, perhaps because of his history, he is not a mon willing to put in extra effort as he feels it is "more than likely" to not be worthy; this is seen for example when, after Harriet reject a fish for breakfast from him, he flies around and returns to try offer the same fish instead of going to hunt for a new one. He probably was a starry and idealistic mon in younger times, but having been burnt many times by life has left an indelible mark in his spirit that only his interaction with Harriet and Shahinne have been able to dull so far.

Copahue is self-aware about his lack of movepool, his age and other issues concerning his form; while he detests and fears the life of a Fly slave, he feels that it is the only life he was able to carry out and thus clung to it to the point he still fears that, were this role be taken by somemon else in Silent's team, his sole good spot of usefulness would be stolen and he would be stranded purpose-less. Silent's look for diversity when doing things however has started to open his mind and to enrichen his concept of usefulness, changing things for the better: he has started practising some skills such as fishing, he tries to be clearer about how he feels and what he wants when interacting with other Pokémon, and he has also become more open towards Harriet, though he still remains a rather meek and submissive Pokémon that she could easily bully into doing whatever she wants were she more mean-spirited.

Still, Copahue's trust issues will remain for long, as a part of him still fears that, just like in older days, he is only cared about because of his immediate usefulness. These issues and his lack of a balanced self-appreciation have materialized before in the form of an Evil Ashcloud that seems to chase him and take the role of a "personal raincloud", if a fair bit more destructive that this; it is telling that the first time such cloud materialized was when Copahue was berated by Shahinne and reminded by her that he was, despite his efforts, not her real father, triggering a shock lasting enough that Copahue nearly suffocated to death under the ensuing ashpour.

Battle Ability

Copahue is a pretty much completely physical Fearow without much variety in moves beyond Mirror Move, which he doesn't have much experience with anyway.

Copahue is not a HM Slave!
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeFlying.gif Fly HM ★★★★ Taught from former Trainer.
TypeNormal.gif Growl Natural ★★★★
TypeFlying.gif Peck Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Fury Attack Natural ★★★
TypeDark.gif Pursuit Natural ★★★
TypeFlying.gif Mirror Move Natural ★★ Has barely if ever used this move, and it confuses him.
TypeFlying.gif Drill Peck Natural ★★
TypeBug.gif U-Turn TM ★★
TypePsychic.gif Rest TM Learnt during the OI arc.
TypeFlying.gif  ???? TCG Learning during/post OI arc.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Copahue

His Ability is Keen Eye. His Skills, if any, are unknown. He was also practising a yet undefined TCG move by the end of the OI arc.

Learnable moves:

  • Natural: Agility, Assurance, Drill Run, Roost.
  • Others: Air Cutter, Mud Slap, Sky Attack, Swift, Tailwind, Razor Wind, Double Edge, Aerial Ace, Facade, False Swipe, Giga Impact, Pluck, Confide, Defog.


  • Is an adoptive dad :3.
  • Helped defeat Drake's Dragonite.


  • With Harriet ("Coparriet"). The two are a couple and living together as of PMD-R / Kanjoh 2.

In the AU

In the AU Copahue still lived near Pewter City by the time of the Scolemis attack. His fate afterwards is unknown.

In Silent's Fic!Verse

In his original incarnation Copahue is an old Fearow living alone atop a tree in a school's yard. Many years ago he served as the Fly mount for a courier, but the company saw hardship as zeppelins became the new trend and younger, then more capable mons took his role. Eventually the courier company broke and the Fearow was released to the wild by his trainer. Tremendously insecure because of his age, he secures a perch atop a pine at a school's playground, where he spends most of his time, becoming a de-facto school mascot. Copahue fails various attempts at challenging Trainers, and manages to survive on his own mostly by learning how to fish; this impresses the students of the school though and prompts them to learn and become good Trainers.

Eventually Copahue manages to catch the heart of a tame Honchkrow female who is roaming in the city outskirts, after her flock expels her as punishment for her father's failed attempt to usurp the head Honchkrow's place.

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