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Drake is the running champion of the Orange Islands in-universe. While he has been challenged and defeated various times, none of the winners has taken the job position.

NPC handlers: hobgoblin


Drake's team is essentially the same as in the anime.


Silent challenges Drake to finish his participation in the Orange Islands Gym Challenge, with Helios, Faith and Forte watching the battle; opens against Ditto by sending Dintel equipped with Eviolite. The sight of two Sandshrew going "oh hai!" reaches the Youtube equivalent as well as Chattr where it gets 1000 followers. Later during the battle, Gengar sleeps Algira, prompting her to fall to the dream world where she meets Helios. With Gengar's defeat by Copahue the required battlefield change takes place and Drake's Venusaur and Maekrite are sent out. Maekrite is Worry Seed'd causing him to see life with way too much optimism.

The battle has to be interrupted because it has taken too long and there is a gynaecologist convention at the Stadium. When the battle resumes, Dragonite haxs his way out of a Hyper Beam recharge and faints Maekrite with a Flamethrower. Shahinne can barely withstand one of the Dragonite's attacks and goes PECK him, then she has to be recalled; Algira manages to defeat the Dragonite by waking up with an Icy Wind. Electabuzz is sent out and the members of Silent's team are too weakened so have to cycle around, taking Copahue crashing onto the electric-type to grant Silent the victory.


  • As a consequence of the battle, Dintel's PERISH curse wears out, and he is eventually dragged to the Netherverse by the MAFIAA.
  • Shahinne thinks she defeated the Dragonite (because of pecking) and considers the Winner's Trophy hers.