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Species / Morph Masquerain
Gender Female
Nature unknown
Age Info unknown
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by Hoenn Weather Research Institute

Algira is Silent's Masquerain. She was caught as a Surskit during a swarm in Hoenn, about the same year when the RP started.

Her Ability is Intimidate.

Her name is pronounced more or less like this: Algira (spelling).

Known Moves

TypeBug.gif Signal Beam, Silver Wind (+variant)
TypeWater.gif Bubblebeam, Water Sport, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Swirling Ripple?, Water Pulse (+variant)
TypeIce.gif Icy Wind
TypeGrass.gif Aromatherapy
TypeNormal.gif Scary Face, Flash, Attract
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind (+variant)

Moves to be learned: to be completed.

Tactical Variants:

  • Water Pulse ~Great Attractor~ : Algira can summon the water element in front of her to shoot but also hold it still much like a frontal shield, allowing her to cover against some incoming attacks. The water orb once formed has marks in a similar shape to { the Pokémon World].
  • Ominous Wind / Silver Wind ~Cyclone~ : Instead of lashing out these winds against the opponent Algira can force them to circle in a way not unlike Twister; while this greatly reduces the reach of the moves it grants her the ability of vertical cover.


  • Is one of Silent's Pokémon to reach the Hall of Fame in the Orange Islands.
  • Earns the Psychic Badge (Kalos) for Silent and Eridanus after teaming up with Denshi.


  • Is in a long-distance relationship with Helios.
  • Has a fondness to hover upside-down to express confusion.

In Silent's Fic!Verse

In this verse Algira is attached to the team of a Water-type connoisseur who is looking for Ghost-type Pokémon to give his team ensemble a twist. Algira is in charge of distracting and intimidating opponents, and when combining her abilities with the trainer's lead Gengar they can pull off a kind of illusion where the mind makes it real, which the trainer uses for stealth and interrogation.

Just like in the WAAPT continuity Algira has two sisters - though they don't hail from the Hoenn region; however one of them was nomed at very young age by a Swellow, and the other was caught by a Trainer and not seen again.

In this verse, Algira is not tied to Helios (for the moment) nor to any other known mons from WAAPT except perhaps Ichtacya.

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