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Nudi is Tagg's male East Sea Gastrodon, who Tagg caught in Sinnoh outside of Pastoria as a Shellos.


Nudi can be rather naive and oblivious, a bit of a pain at times, and a sore loser occasionally, but Tagg loves him anyway. Despite this he also has a very strong sense of right and wrong, as shown when he fought and lost to Sonny. Like Forecaster he is also fairly kindhearted in nature, and is fairly good with kids. According to his father Nudi takes a lot from his mother in terms of personality.


  • Birthday: March 3, 2008
  • Age: 9
  • Met: Route 213, Sinnoh (East Sea Shellos)
  • Ability: Storm Drain
  • Ball: Great

Battle Strategy

Nudi's specialty is mainly in special attacks and tanking his opponents with his fairly high special defense. His most favored moves tend to be Ice Beam and Surf, and he can also can be used as a shield due to Storm Drain attracting any Water type moves aimed in his general direction.

Known Techniques

  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake, Earth Power, Dig, Mud Bomb
  • TypeIce.gif Blizzard, Ice Beam
  • TypeNormal.gif Body Slam, Protect, Recover, Round
  • TypeWater.gif Dive, Rain Dance, Surf, Waterfall, Water Pulse


  • Nudi is best friends with Luxray, while the latter tends to snark at him he did zap Sonny for beating him up.
  • Forecaster has a crush on Nudi, but he's fairly oblivious to it.
  • Nudi was afraid of Sonny for horribly beating him in combat up until he defeated him during the AU.
  • Nudi has many siblings, and is close to his father, but never knew his mother.
  • Nudi is in a non-relationship with Read.
  • Nudi is good friends with Muddy and Coulomb, sharing a Dream House.


  • Helped Tagg win the Sinnoh League. (May have been the mon he used to take down Cynthia's Garchomp.)
  • Defeated Sonny in the AU.


  • Nudi was the first of Tagg's Pokémon to appear in the RP.
  • Nudi is capable of savaging the faces of opponents using his radula, though he's only done it once onscreen.


Hypothetical representation of Nudi wearing a Pokémon to human armband.

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