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Audilith is Tagg's female Gigalith, and the fourth member to join his main Unova team.


Audilith is considered one of the more sensible mons, as well as being very patient (A needed trait for dealing with her mate), being extremely calm in nature. One of the few things that can break her out of this is if Vanilluxe or their children get seriously hurt, as what happened with Lanius for the former. She's also very much a mon that for the most part prefers peace, quiet, and solitude.

Her role on the team is pretty much that of the smart girl.


  • Birthday: Sometime in 2008
  • Age: 9
  • Met: Wellspring Cave, Unova (Roggenrola)
  • Ability: Sturdy
  • Ball: Poké

Battle Strategy

Being extremely slow, Audilith's fighting style relies on tanking attacks and striking back with monstrous power. (She is in fact the second strongest attacker after Throh.) She can also crush opponents under her bulk or with the use of Gravity.

Known Techniques

  • TypeGrass.gif Solarbeam
  • TypeGround.gif Mud Slap, Earthquake
  • TypeNormal.gif Harden, Headbutt, Protect, Round
  • TypePsychic.gif Gravity
  • TypeRock.gif Rock Blast, Sandstorm, Smack Down, Stone Edge
  • TypeSteel.gif Iron Defense

Audilith in other universes

Other Verse

Audilith and Vanilluxe are both still on Tagg's team.


In the PMD-B timeline Audilith ended up becoming Helios' number two sometime after Tagg died, and is still alive currently.



  • Assisted in 'M's defeat
  • Helped win Tagg the Insect Badge from Burgh.
  • Defeated Brycen's team alongside Throh.
  • Helped Tagg win the Unova League.
  • Won Tagg's match against Blue by defeating his Arcanine.


  • Audilith has a fear of very large bodies of water, though with smaller bodies she's perfectly fine.
  • After an incident in the glitched Twist Mountain, Audilith utterly refuses to become a human under any circumstances.
  • Audilith has a gift for chess, beating Tagg a number of times.
  • Audilith and Vanilluxe were the first Pokémon belonging to a PC to become parents IRP.


Audilith while wearing a Pokémon to human armband.

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