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The Velvet Room is a location in We Are All Pokémon Trainers based on the room of the same name from the Persona series.

The Velvet Room exists on the borders of the Collective Unconsciousness, "between dream and reality, mind and matter". While seen in passing in a few places, the Velvet Room becomes a major hub for a few members of the J-Team during the Pokésona Arc. The appearance of the Velvet Room is also not set in that its appearance and size will change in reflection of the needs of its inhabitants and their guests.

Velvet Room Inhabitants

  • Philemon: An empowered Shiny Ditto.
  • Igor: An Abra plushie with an extremely long snout given life and sentience by Philemon.
  • Nameless: A Dusknoir empowered by Philemon.
  • Belladonna: A Gardevoir empowered by Philemon.
  • Demon Artist: Or "Demon Painter", a Smeargle empowered by Philemon.
  • Margaret: A Gothitelle with gold eyes and the oldest of the three Velvet Siblings.
  • Elizabeth: A Gothorita with gold eyes and the middle sibling of the three Velvet Siblings.
  • Theodore: Or as most call him, "Theo", a Gallade with gold eyes and the youngest of the three Velvet Siblings.
  • Marie: A Elekid with a mysterious past and the newest inhabitant of the Velvet Room.
  • Justine: A golden-eyed Magnemite who is the twin of Caroline.
  • Caroline: A golden-eyed Magnemite who is the twin of Justine.

Velvet Room Appearances

  • During the first portion of the Pokésona, the Velvet Room took on the appearance of upscale lounge room with a stage, furniture, and a bar area.
    • Although Theodore was convinced to "empty" the bottles in the bar by drinking them due to several members of the J-Team being minors.
  • When Tagg and his team briefly became Velvet Room attendants for April Fools, the Velvet Room's walls were covered in clocks, representing Tagg's fated final confrontation with Constantin.
  • When Ren's fate became unstable, the Velvet Room became a platform adrift in an abyss with broken staircases and giant broken and breaking gears, symbolizing that the fates of the Velvet Room and all involved with it were breaking down and there was little time to correct the problem.
  • When Daydre entered the Velvet Room by herself it took the form of a blue-carpeted, circular room with many seemingly-endless corridors and staircases leading to and from the central room. There also happened to be a brass elevator cage from the 1910's guarded by Caroline and Justine.
  • When Ren entered the Velvet Room by himself, it took the form of an office of a talent agency with blue wallpaper and selves full of showbiz memorabilia. A hand some oak desk sits in front of what is likely a window with the blue velvet curtains drawn.
  • Following the first encounter with Mikuratana-no-Kami, the Velvet Room took the form of a dance hall with a giant, half-sphere disco ball above Igor's blue sofa.
  • When Mendel entered the Velvet Room by himself, it took the form of a large vertical library with blue carpeting and oaken desks with blue lamps, with an ovular oaken counter in the center, Igor sitting under a glowing blue sign reading "Help and Check-outs".
  • During the second Pokésona arc, The Velvet Room took the form of a circular prison with two levels, with a cell for each contractor. Caroline and Justine patrolled the area as Igor sat a desk at the center of the floor. Those in the Velvet Room would be referred to by Major Arcana number and a letter denoting their time of joining. For instance, Ren, being of the Magician Arcana and the first person of that Arcana to join the Thieves, was denoted "Inmate I-A".