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Harriet is Luke's, later Silent's female Honchkrow. Originally a member of a Murkrow mob, she decided to tag along with Luke when she grew bored of that life. Eventually she decided to move with Silent some time after she met Copahue.

Copahue and Harriet together.
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Harriet originally spent most of the time following Crowley's mob just off camera. However after evolving into a Honchkrow to help fend off a bunch or rival Murkrow, she decided that being in a gang just wasn't her thing and joined Luke's team. While she held well in the team, she started seeking other affairs of a more romantic order, first with Treeo and eventually with Copahue in Hoenn, with whom she starts hanging out and eventually moves to live with when the two birds start raising Shahinne.

While she is serious natured, Harriet likes bitter food more than other kinds. She also has picked a taste for fish after Copahue fished some treats for her and eventually started teaching her, however she still favours collecting herbs and spices.

Harriet is a “Glass Cannon”, like her entire species, and a Physical specialist. No special Flying-type moves.

As of Kanjoh-2 Arc, Harriet lives with Copahue, the two housed on a birdhouse atop the Goldenrod PEFE branch and raising Shahinne. Just as planned, says the Starly, chirp!

Battle Ability

Known moves include:

  • TypeDark.gif Pursuit, Night Slash, Assurance, Nasty Plot, Sucker Punch.
  • TypeFlying.gif Peck, Drill Peck, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Pluck.
  • TypeFlying.gif Sky Attack - by TM.
  • TypeNormal.gif Protect - by TM by virtue of being Luke's mon.
  • TypeNormal.gif Swagger, Mean Look.
  • TypePsychic.gif Psychic.
Movepool for Harriet
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeDark.gif Pursuit Natural ★★★
TypeFlying.gif Wing Attack Natural ★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Swagger Natural ★★
TypeDark.gif Nasty Plot Natural ★★★
TypeDark.gif Mean Look Natural ★★
TypeDark.gif Sucker Punch Natural ★★★
TypePsychic.gif Psychic TM ★★
TypeFlying.gif Aerial Ace TM ★★★★
TypeFlying.gif Sky Attack TM ★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Protect TM ★★★★ Comes with all of Luke's mons.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Harriet

Her Ability is Insomnia, and she might eventually get Dark Genes. Her Skills, if any, are unknown.


  • Helped end the Murkrow gang war in Celadon sparked by Crowley and Sonny.
  • Helped the Resistance liberate Unova from Artemis and Anom's Scolipede in the AU arc.
  • Protected Pleo from Ferno's group of Delta Pokemon in the Orange Islands.
  • Is an adoptive mom :3.


  • With Copahue ("Coparriet"). The two are a couple and living together as of PMD-R / Kanjoh 2.

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