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Crowley is Luke's Honchkrow, and one of the most senior members of his team. He was caught as a Murkrow in Goldenrod City, Luke having wanted a Flying Pokémon on the team that could also eventually double as a Flying mount.

However, Luke and his team soon found out that Crowley was not a nice Pokémon. He frequently disobeyed orders, was rude to the other members of the team, and generally acted as if he was the one in charge of them, not Luke. Because of this, he grew to vehemently dislike Lake, the actual second-in-command who - at the time - was going through his self-described "Awkward Croconaw phase."

Crowley took great joy in tormenting Lake, even managing to provoke the normally gentle Croconaw into attempting to attack him on a few occasions. However, this behavior soon came to an end when he evolved into a Feraligatr. Partly because he matured enough to not be provoked by the Honchkrow's taunts, but mainly because he was now perfectly capable of eating the Murkrow in a single snap of his jaws. Despite this, he still secretly harbored his disdain for him.

Despite his generally unpleasant nature, Crowley served as a helpful member of the team, taking part in the majority of Luke's Gym Battles, and playing a major role in the campaign against Team Rocket in Mahogany Town and at the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Luke eventually acquired a Dusk Stone, allowing Crowley to evolve into a Honchkrow shortly before their fateful battle against Ho-oh, where he lasted the second shortest of the team due to his frail avian build.

Sometime after beating the Johto league, on a return visit to Goldenrod City, Crowley was able to find and recruit four Murkrow minions - Woodstock, Conrad, Bill and Harriet - in secret to serve as his mob, the four beginning to secretly tail Luke from a distance from that point onwards.

Crowley continued to serve as Luke's flying mount up until the capture and evolution of Unite, who was a much more pleasant Pokémon on the whole. The Honchkrow spent the next few months in the PC box until Luke withdrew him, along with the majority of his other Pokémon, to take part in the Gold Conference.

Shortly before the conference started, Crowley came across Sonny, Tracer's Honchkrow. Perceiving him as a threat to his plans to make himself the boss of Luke and his team, he initially tried to dismiss him as a mere "upstart"...and proceeded to have his feather hide handed to him by the much more skilled Sonny. Enraged, Crowley sparked up an intense rivalry with the fellow Honchkrow, the two spending the majority of the Gold Conference bickering and fighting for dominance.

Thoroughly annoyed by Crowley's poor behavior, Luke boxed him while he and his team took a trip to Celadon City along with Tracer and his Pokémon. Knowing that Sonny was also going there to visit his family, Crowley gathered his Mob and flew all the way from their current home at the Johto Safari Zone to Goldenrod City, where they hitched a ride on the Magnet Train over to Saffron.

From there, they made their way to Celadon, soon tracking down Sonny at an abandoned warehouse. Although they intially planned a sneak attack, it was ruined by Bill blindly charging in with no regard for his own safety. Quickly pursing the Murkrow, they were shocked to come face-to-face with what seemed like the entire Celadon Murkrow mafia, as well as a very angry Sonny.

Fleeing from the angry flock, Crowley and his mob regrouped to plan their next move. However, they were soon approached by the leader of one of the Celadon flocks, who secretly manipulated Crowley into sparking a full blown mob war between the cities flocks.

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Battle Style

Crowley is a fine example of a Glass Cannon. While he can only take a few weak attacks before his stamina fails him, offensively, he is one of the strongest Pokémon on Luke's team. Although a rather slow Pokémon, he nonetheless posses excellent agility thanks to his ability to fly, making not being how hard you hit him to be the difficult part, but actually managing to land in the first place.

Moves wise, Crowley specializes in Physical Dark and Flying type moves such as Night Slash and Drill Peck, although he's no slouch in the Special department either, knowing a few powerful ranged attacks such as Dark Pulse, which he makes much use of when in flight. He also knows a few helpful and harmful support moves, such as Protect and Taunt.

Known Moves

  • TypeDark.gif Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Taunt
  • TypeFlying.gif Drill Peck, Fly, Peck, Wing Attack
  • TypeFighting.gif Superpower
  • TypeNormal.gif Protect


  • Beat the Johto League with the rest of Luke's Team, earning him a place in the Hall of Fame.
  • Has battled and defeated Red.
  • Won several battles in the Gold Conference with Luke, before their loss to Tagg.
  • Assisted in the defense of the alternate Goldenrod City from Rommel's forces with his murder of Murkrow.

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