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Comet is Luke's Charizard. She claims to have grown up in the Volcano Area of Pokémon Island, until one day, she was suddenly blipped to the middle of a frozen Hoenn desert, along with various other fire Pokémon, in secret by Mew, who hoped that the heat that they generated would be enough to thaw the frozen area. They weren't.

After wandering around, confused but not really perturbed by the strange situation she had found herself in, she eventually ran into a human named Luke and his part of Pokémon, and informed then of the her and the fire Pokémon's situation. After spending a little while talking, Comet began to secretly grow to like one of the trainer's Pokémon, a meek Sceptile called Treeo.

Agreeing to call someone to take them home once they got to Fallarbor town, Luke and his Pokémon left, leaving Comet to think while she waited to be taken home. For some reason, no matter how much she tried, she just couldn't forget about Treeo for some reason.

A few days later, after being loaded up on a PEFE airship to be taken back to Pokémon Island, Comet was surprised to see that Luke and his team had came back to see her. After a short conversation in which she explained to them that life on Pokémon Island was rather...well, dull, Luke asked if she wanted to join his team. An offer she happily accepted.

Comet quickly adjusted to being on the team, much to the surprise of everyone else. Despite all of the downright odd things they went through on a daily basis, she didn't seem nearly as badly phased by them as most new catches would have. As well as that, Comet soon revealed that she had a bit of a reckless streak, willing to put herself in all sorts of dangerous situations without any regard for her own safety.

Soon after joining the team, she assisted them in searching the Hoenn Desert with them, Silent and Tracer for the - then missing at the time - Dintel. They soon discovered that the newly resurrected Team Magma was operating out of a secret base in the almost impossible to find Mirage Tower. Along with the others, she successfully managed to drive them out, most notably by co-operating with Treeo to defeat the Magma Admin Lugaid and his Solrock and Lunatone pair in battle.

After leaving the Hoenn region, Comet learned about the Charicific Valley in Johto, a place where Charizard line members to go to train and grow stronger. Wanting to evolve into a Charizard herself, Comet begged Luke to go, but was surprised to find that Treeo wanted to accompany her there, despite the prospect of being surrounded by rowdy Pokémon that could easily burn him to cinders. Even though she wasn't keen on exposing her friend to such danger, Treeo insisted on going with her, so she eventually relented.

The two spent the next month or so living at the valley, Comet spending most of the day fighting against the other Charizard, surprisingly able to beat most of them despite not being fully evolved. Eventually, after a multitude of grueling battles, Comet finally evolved into a Charizard, and she and Treeo left to re-unite with Luke.

Shortly after that, on a trip to Cherrygrove City, they met up with Umbra just as his Treecko egg, - which Treeo had conceived with a Ditto a short while before- and Mudkip egg hatched into Treeo's daughter Nazz and Muddy's son Skipper. Comet was quick to declare herself the newly hatched Treecko's godmother, a decision Treeo seemed to be perfectly fine with.

Battle Style

To be added, but it involves lots of fire and burning.

Known Moves

  • TypeFire.gif Ember, Flamethrower
  • TypeDragon.gif Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage
  • TypeFlying.gif Wing Attack
  • TypeGrass.gif Solarbeam
  • TypeNormal.gif Protect, Smokescreen
  • TypeSteel.gif Metal Claw


  • Assisted in the search for Dintel, and the raid on the Neo Team Magma base in the Mirage Tower in the Hoenn arc.
  • Is Nazz's unofficial godmother.

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