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Lugaid Branston was one of the highest-ranked Team Magma commanders by the time of the Hoenn Arc. In the race against Team Aqua and the newly appearing Team Ozone, Lugaid was in charge of collecting evidence that could be used to discover and expose Team Aqua's activities regarding the rumors about involving the Weather Trio.

His NPC handler is VeniaSilente.

To this end Lugaid was assigned to investigate some machinery being hidden and used to alter the Mirage Tower environment and he set there with a Magma squad. The perimeter was breached by a trio of Silent, Luke and Tracer as well as their Pokémon, who were there looking for Dintel. Eventually he faced Luke's mons for control of the machinery and the evidence (as well as eight red coins) and there he expoed his Solrock-Lunatone duo's special combined Ability Eclipse. He was defeated and, understanding that the trainers were not there to damage the environment, decides to leave to go back to Magma headquarters and continue his investigation.

After Team Magma and Aqua's handlers are revealed to be imposter Rotom under control of Charon, Lugaid steps in as the new leader of Neo Team Magma.

His Pokémon team consists of:

In Silent's Fic!Verse

In his original (and unaired as of yet) incarnation, Lugaid is an accountant from Hoenn who goes visit another region as a liaison to a team testing the grounds for a new project: a soil fertility prediction system. The company he represents is called "Magistral Ground-Mastering Advancements". Of course this is just a cover for the acquisitions of a nascent outlaw Hoenn organization dubbed "MAGMA".