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Species / Morph Houndoom
Gender Female
Nature unknown
Age Info 11 yr old
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by Bloomingvale Town, Johto.
Ability Early Bird

Makenna is Silent's Houndoom♀ that he had in his team before joining PEFE. She was acquired in Bloomingvale Town, Johto, when her pack separated and spread across the city due to shortage of food; eventually Makenna started trailing Silent around because she saw how well-kept Pokéteco's plumage was, and was eventually caught.

When Silent went off to work at PEFE some years later, he left Makenna in one of the PEFE offices in Kanto, where she lives and raises pups as of Kanjoh-2.

In Silent's Ficverse

In this continuity she is one of "Silent"'s Pokémon and remains in active status. Later during the chronology when Inka retires, she is given the choice to lead the team but she passes the role on to Pokéteco. She also earns Silent the wins against the two last members of the Kanjoh Elite Four before he has to face the Champion Lance.

Later Makenna would be given in adoption a small Eevee kitten named Timliz.

  • In Interim (TBA Dec2015/Jan2016), she and the rest of Silent's team as well as Ravir's team investigate the empty town the group find themselves in. Makenna is the one in charge of keeping an eye on the town hall and town square, and her ability Early Bird allows her to discover the nature of the trap the group is in.
  • In Stars of Suocé (TBA), she passes down the role of team leader to Pokéteco, and later she asks for her release as well in order to help a nascent pack living around the PEFE warehouses in Vermilion City.


Makenna appears in the semi-offshot We Are All in a Pokécenter where she is the Pokémon in charge of raising Timliz.

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