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Laplace is Rex's Lapras and his means of transportation in water for the Orange Islands. At some point he has also been temporarily transferred over to Silent.

Laplace is a well-educated mon who won't abuse his psychic powers to read a Trainer's mind.


Earned the Coral Eye Badge for Silent from Cissy after shifting into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! (Post #112848).

Rex's Team
Active : Rascal136Mini.pngCaspian503Mini.pngOhm181Mini.pngLian620Mini.pngSahara555Mini.pngMaitake286Mini.pngDamian214Mini.pngSirocco662Mini.png
Semi-Retired : Gin547Mini.pngGaea076Mini.pngMaya571Mini.pngAnya212Mini.pngMasque065Mini.pngRampage473Mini.pngLaplace131Mini.png
With Faith : Fang020Mini.pngBreezy189Mini.pngJemma300Mini.pngMinty542Mini.pngZippy026Mini.pngClaudia351Mini.png
Co-Owned : Aqua134Mini.pngPierce135Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola