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<People are starting to wonder why you're having a conversation with your Flareon.>

Rascal is Rex's Flareon. His official name is Pyrrhos, though he refuses to answer to it due to enjoying the nickname Rex game him as a child.


  • Name Origin: From the word rascal meaning "a mischievous or cheeky person" (Rascal); a Greek name meaning "flame-like." (Pyrrhos)
  • Met: Goldenrod City Game Corner (WAAPT); Castelia City (Canon)
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Flash Fire
  • Ball: Premier
  • Favorite Move: Flare Blitz
  • Likes: Spending time with Rex or his family; Spelon Berries
  • Dislikes: Water


Due to being raised by Rex for two years officially before he became a trainer, Rascal is very much in tune with Rex's emotions and as a result tends to react to things in a manner Rex would himself. However, he does tend to exhibit a lot more forwardness in meeting new people than Rex does. He also enjoys being pet, being the only one of his family that doesn't seem to mind Joseph appearing from nowhere to laden him with affection.

Abilities in Battle

Rascal is very frail, a matter that is only further exacerbated by his reliance on moves that further weaken his stats or reduce his health to deal powerful damage. As such, Rascal is typically saved after his teammates are able to wear down the opponent before finishing them himself.

Movepool for Rascal
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Helping Hand Birth Rex tends to favor Single Battles, so this move is rarely used.
TypeNormal.gif Growl Birth
TypeNormal.gif Tackle Birth
TypeNormal.gif Tail Whip Birth
TypeGround.gif Sand Attack Level 5
TypeFairy.gif Baby-Doll Eyes Level 9
TypeNormal.gif Swift Level 10
TypeNormal.gif Quick Attack Level 13
TypeDark.gif Bite Level 17
TypeNormal.gif Refresh Level 20
TypeNormal.gif Covet Level 23
TypeNormal.gif Take Down Level 25
TypeFire.gif Fire Spin Level 25
TypeNormal.gif Scary Face Level 29
TypePoison.gif Smog Level 33
TypeFire.gif Lava Plume Level 37
TypeNormal.gif Last Resort Level 41
TypeFire.gif Flare Blitz Level 45
TypeFire.gif Fire Fang Move Reminder
TypeGround.gif Dig TM
TypeFire.gif Flamethrower TM
TypeFire.gif Fire Blast TM
TypeFighting.gif Superpower Move Tutor This move was taught to Rascal by Faith.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Rascal





  • Participated in many Gym Battles, most notably defeating Volkner's Luxray


  • Rascal's WAAPT canon counterpart is a Flareon. However, outside of WAAPT canon, Rascal is canonically a Flareon, thus making WAAPT's Canon!Rascal non-canon.

Rex's Team
Active : Rascal136Mini.pngCaspian503Mini.pngOhm181Mini.pngLian620Mini.pngSahara555Mini.pngMaitake286Mini.pngDamian214Mini.pngSirocco662Mini.png
Semi-Retired : Gin547Mini.pngGaea076Mini.pngMaya571Mini.pngAnya212Mini.pngMasque065Mini.pngRampage473Mini.pngLaplace131Mini.png
With Faith : Fang020Mini.pngBreezy189Mini.pngJemma300Mini.pngMinty542Mini.pngZippy026Mini.pngClaudia351Mini.png
Co-Owned : Aqua134Mini.pngPierce135Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola