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Name: Kimberly Adams
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 21 (Nov. 10, 2016)
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Ethnicity: Almian
Birthday: August 14th, 1995
Home: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
Pokéform: Lucario
Starter: Iris

A young woman originally from Almia, Kimberly Adams is a Pokémon Ranger currently residing in Floaroma Town, though her frequent adventures have widened the scope of her operations. She is fairly polite to all she knows, though she has a tendency to be rather sarcastic or scathing when irritated. After a traumatic attack by a Grovyle during her initial Ranger work, the young woman has gone through a number of changes over the years, primarily the abandonment of her Styler usage in exchange for using a team of Pokémon.

Kim is written by [Hobgoblin] and made her first appearance on [page 3690].

Kim as a Sinnoh Ranger.


As with most children born in Vientown, Almia, Kim grew up with idolization of Pokémon Rangers, desiring to be one herself in the future. Her parents, respecting her choice in career, allowed her to study at the Vientown Ranger School for her middle and high school years. While her initiation into her career was fairly successful, circumstances soon pitted her against a wild Grovyle whom she was incapable of calming down. Receiving slashes across her back before being saved by another Ranger, Kim developed a fear of Pokémon with sharp features, this phobia proving to interfere with her work a number of times. As a result, her parents insisted she take time off from Ranger duty, the girl spending time at her home for a number of weeks. When even that failed to curb her mood, they suggested she take a trip, purchasing her a round-trip ticket for S.S. Aqua, which would take her to Olivine City, Johto.

Setting off with her grandmother on the trip, Kim wound up bumping into Rex Hunter after his failed attempt at defeating Clair in the Blackthorn Gym, asking the young man to show her around town. What started as a seemingly brief encounter soon continued into a fast friendship, the duo journeying around the region together with Kim's grandmother staying as a guest at Rex's house for the duration of the trip. As the duo continued to explore the KanJoh region, their Eeveelutions developed a growing interest in each other. By the time they'd decided to venture to the Sevii Islands to conclude their trip, Iris had already had an egg that hatched into a female Eevee in Kindle Road's Ember Spa.

Following their journey together, Kim has since assisted Rex on a number of occasions, venturing to the Orange Islands, Sinnoh, Holon, and a number of other locations. While a number of events have occurred and shaken her confidence, Kim has grown somewhat due to her interaction with the J-Team, gaining the ability to speak to her Pokémon without the assistance of her Gardevoir, Maria, and also has begun to develop her Auric talents slowly after coming into contact with the Human-to-Pokémon armband. She has also retired as a Styler-using Ranger and shifted to a full-on Trainer after her move to Floaroma Town, Sinnoh. Despite this, she is still attempting to master her emotions and prove herself capable in battle.

During their travels in Kalos, Kim's Pokéform evolved from Riolu to Lucario due to her closeness with Rex, affording her the ability to Mega Evolve as well. However, due to her lack of experience in battling and her newness with the Mega Evolved form as well, her mind becomes overwhelmed by feral combat instincts amidst battle, prompting Korrina to suggest she take the time to meditate and hone her senses before attempting Mega Evolution once more. Opting to come with Rex on his trip to Alola due to the island region sounding like a relaxing spot, Kim restocked her supplies and obtained a new Ranger outfit, intent on finding the means to overcome her weaknesses as she set out with her friend to the new region.

Important Items

  • Berry Pots
  • Berry Pouch
  • Mega Pendant and Key Stone (Lucarionite, Lopunnite)
  • Poffin Case
  • Pokétch
  • Wailmer Pail

Kim's Team



  • Kim was initially brunette, then became a blonde, and then finally became a redhead over the course of the RP due to her writer's indecision on how he wanted her hair.

Kim's Team
Active Team : Iris470Mini.pngDandy428Mini.pngLarkspur397Mini.pngChamomille078Mini.png
Co-Owned : Aqua134Mini.pngPierce135Mini.png
Retired from Mission Duty : Éclair405Mini.pngMaria282Mini.pngGlaze312Mini.png
Formerly Owned : Sofia038Mini.pngAlcyone164Mini.pngFigaro334Mini.png
As last seen in: Alola