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"Hi! Do you like snow?"

Icicle is Forte's Glaceon and his Starter Pokémon.


  • Age: 13 (As of 2020)
  • Birthday: December 15, 2006
  • Nature: Naive
  • Ability: Snow Cloak
  • Met: Castelia City (Eevee)
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite move: Hail
  • Likes: Snow!
  • Dislikes: Heat, his children being threatened


Icicle is a much more childish mon than would be expected from a father of six. While he is the team leader, he'd really rather just go play in the snow. He has a bit of an obsession with snow and cold, which led to him founding Team Glacier.

Abilities in Battle

Icicle's ability Snow Cloak allows him to disappear into the background and hit enemies with attacks from unexpected angles. He is mainly a special attacker, and while he knows mainly Ice moves he does have a few other attacks.

Movepool for Icicle
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeIce.gif Hail Natural ★★★★★ Yay, snow!
TypeIce.gif Blizzard Natural ★★★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★★ Learned through a TM borrowed from Pianis.
TypeIce.gif Frost Breath TM ★★ Learned through a TM borrowed from Pianis.
TypeIce.gif Ice Shard Natural ★★
TypeIce.gif Ice Fang Natural ★★
TypePsychic.gif Mirror Coat Natural ★★★
TypeGrass.gif Hidden Power TM ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Helping Hand Natural ★★★
TypeGhost.gif Shadow Ball TM ★★★
TypeBug.gif Signal Beam Tutor ★★ He usually prefers using it in blue. Doesn't realize he can also use it to communicate. Taught by a move tutor in Driftveil City.
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Icicle


Shortly after Mezzo received Felis, Forte demanded that he get an Eevee as a pet. However, as Eevee weren't native to Unova, Forte's parents had to get one brought in from Sinnoh. Pianis is the one who brought Icicle from Sinnoh to Unova, and he and his team left a lasting impression on the young Eevee, which is why he decided to evolve into a Glaceon.


  • Is a dad. :3 And a grandad.
  • Defeated Dintel, giving Forte a victory over Silent at the Orange Islands.
  • Founded Team Glacier.
  • Owns an airship named after him.


Icicle and Yukikaze are friends, though Yukikaze thinks he's a bit immature.

Icicle is the father of various Eevees.

Icicle has also taken Stella as an adopted daughter, making Celeste his granddaughter.

In the AU

Icicle is a Leafeon named Sickle in the AU, since Mia brought him from Sinnoh rather than Pianis. He had been hiding out in Castelia City since his trainer died, but was found and taken in by Mezzo after Cyrus had been defeated.


  • Icicle is very bad with technology. Items he has broken include the I key on Forte's laptop keyboard, a Team Aqua weather machine, and a dream rift sealing machine.
  • Icicle is the only Pokémon in the RP owned by a still-active PC in the OU to be a grandparent. The only other known Pokemon to fit this was Stratus, but his trainer is no longer active as a PC.
  • Icicle loves to sing Snow Miser's song. Occasionally he gets Fireball to sing Heat Miser's part.
Forte's Team
On Hand : Icicle471Mini.pngShadow196Mini.pngLeaflet470Mini.pngFireball136Mini.pngMarine134Mini.pngElectro135Mini.pngStella197Mini.pngCeleste700Mini.pngBlueberry133Mini.png
Alternate Timeline : Sickle470Mini.pngShadow197Mini.pngAshlet136Mini.pngSnowball471Mini.pngMarine135Mini.pngHydro134Mini.pngSunny196Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc

Mezzo's Team
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