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Muramasa is Mezzo's Bisharp.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Nature: Quiet
  • Ability: Defiant
  • Met: Route 9 (Pawniard)
  • Ball: Ultra
  • Favorite move: Night Slash
  • Likes: Silence
  • Dislikes: Annoying peoplemons

Name Basis

Muramasa is named after a Japanese swordsmith.


Muramasa's personality is for the most part a mystery, since she rarely ever speaks, and when she does she speaks in one-word snippets. She seems to be content with staying still for long periods of time.

Abilities in Battle

Muramasa is a powerful physical attacker, and knows mainly moves that involve cutting in some way. Her Steel typing gives her strong defense, but she has a severe weakness to Fighting attacks.

Movepool for Muramasa
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeDark.gif Night Slash Natural ★★★★★
TypeDark.gif Feint Attack Natural ★★★
TypeSteel.gif Iron Head Natural ★★★★ A slash using the blade on her head.
TypeSteel.gif Metal Claw Natural ★★★
TypeSteel.gif Metal Burst Natural ★★
TypeNormal.gif Swords Dance Natural ★★★★ Being made of swords tends to help with this.
TypeNormal.gif Cut HM ★★
TypeNormal.gif Slash Natural ★★★★
TypeRock.gif Stone Edge TM ★★★
TypeBug.gif X-Scissor TM ★★★
TypeBug.gif Fury Cutter Natural ★★★
TypeFighting.gif Brick Break TM ★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Muramasa


Mezzo started her Gym Challenge in Unova by challenging her hometown's Gym Leader, Burgh, with only Felis. This was a complete defeat for Mezzo, so she resolved to find some Dark type Pokémon more effective against Bug types. To do this, she took a subway train to Opelucid City, and in the area around there caught Muramasa, Cerberus, and Dreadwing.


Muramasa rarely speaks to anyone and spends most of her time alone, so she does not have any real relationships.

In the AU

Muramasa was a lieutenant in the Black Guard. She was killed by Napoleon's forces in the attack on Undella Town.

Mezzo's Team
On Hand : Felis510Mini.pngSunny197Mini.pngButterscotch571ButterscotchMini.pngYin359Mini.pngCerberus229Mini.pngCharybdis635Mini.pngXel'lotath687Mini.png
Boxed : Muramasa625Mini.pngSerket452Mini.pngDreadwing630Mini.pngSpiny 319Mini.pngBellatrix560Mini.pngNevermore430Mini.pngDemyx342Mini.png
Alternate Timeline : Mercury198Mini.pngShadow197Mini.pngSickle470Mini.pngShiva478Mini.pngCrystallux615Mini.png
As last seen in: Galar