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Bellatrix is Mezzo's Scrafty.


  • Age: 5 (As of 2016)
  • Birthday: December 28, 2011
  • Nature: Unknown
  • Ability: Moxie
  • Met: Fallarbor Town (Egg)
  • Ball: Poké
  • Favorite move: Headbutt
  • Likes: Hitting things with her head
  • Dislikes: Unknown


Bellatrix's personality is mostly unknown. Before evolving, she was a sweet mon who enjoyed hitting things with her head.

Abilities in Battle

Bellatrix hasn't had as much battle experience as some other members of Mezzo's team, but she's a decent physical fighter with good defenses.

Movepool for Bellatrix
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeDark.gif Feint Attack Natural ★★★ Rushes at the enemy headfirst, darting through shadows.
TypeDark.gif Payback Natrual ★★★
TypeDark.gif Crunch Natural ★★★
TypeDark.gif Snarl TM ★★
TypeFighting.gif Low Kick Natural ★★★
TypeFighting.gif Brick Break Natural ★★★
TypeFighting.gif High Jump Kick Natural ★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Headbutt Natural ★★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Swagger Natural ★★
TypeNormal.gif Chip Away Natural ★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Bellatrix


Bellatrix's egg was a Christmas present from Fool while the group was in Fallarbor Town. It hatched three days after Mezzo received it.


Butterscotch often disguises himself as Bellatrix for battles, as she is the only mon on Mezzo's team he can accurately mimic.

In the AU

Bellatrix was most likely never born in the AU.

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