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"There is much you do not know, and much you never will."

Xel'lotath is Mezzo's Malamar.


  • Age: 7
  • Birthday: May 5, 2010
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Contrary
  • Met: Muraille Coast (Inkay)
  • Ball: Dusk
  • Favorite move: Superpower
  • Likes: Insanity, the color green
  • Dislikes: Unknown

Name Basis

Xel'lotath is named after an eldritch abomination from Eternal Darkness.


Xel'lotath is a very mysterious mon who seems to have an interest in madness. She speaks with two voices, one full volume and the other a whisper. Both voices alternately refer to herself as "I" or "we". When angered, both voices speak in unison.

Abilities in Battle

Xel'lotath is one of the newer mons on Mezzo's team and has not seen much battle experience, but is surprisingly powerful. For some unknown reason, all of her Psychic attacks are green instead of their usual color.

Movepool for Xel'lotath
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeDark.gif Topsy-Turvy Natural ★★★★
TypeDark.gif Foul Play Natural ★★★★
TypeDark.gif Payback Natural ★★★
TypeDark.gif Night Slash Natural ★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Psybeam Natural ★★★
TypePsychic.gif Psycho Cut Natural ★★★★
TypeFighting.gif Superpower Natural ★★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Swagger Natural ★★★
TypeFlying.gif Pluck Natural ★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Xel'lotath


Before going to Kalos, Mezzo received an Inkay plushie as a gift from Forte. After reaching there, she went to the coast to find and catch an Inkay, and Xel'lotath was the one she found. Shortly before evolving, Xel'lotath temporarily inverted Mezzo's vision. She was changed back after the evolution to Malamar was complete.


Ephemera tried to speak to Xel'lotath shortly after her capture, but was scared away after a brief telepathic conversation.

Several people and Pokémon are unnerved by Xel'lotath, including Ephemera, Vierr, and Mezzo herself.

In the AU

After the Monification Bombs were dropped in Kalos, Xel'lotath used the power vacuum to her advantage, creating an insanity-based cult in an abandoned church. She recruits new members into the cult through Hypnosis.

Mezzo's Team
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