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The Unova-2 Arc is the arc that followed after the Kanjoh-2 arc and ran concurrent with the Return to AU Arc. Several people first head to Unova to check out Pokestars in Virbank after some people who had already gone there to rescue Jenna from Lily find out about it. While there, they discover that portals are forming between the Dream World and the Waking World and set out to close these portals and try and find out how to stop more from forming.

Major Events

  • Dream Rifts appear across Unova, dumping Dream World Pokémon there.
  • The J-Team travels the region sealing them, culminating in a final battle at the Entralink.
  • The J-Team learns about Cipher's involvement, leading them to head to Holon.

Gym Challenge

The following Trainers ran the Unova League challenge:

Arc Information

  • Players Leaving:


  • The Entralink is revealed to be capable to transporting people to the Dream World.
  • Titan's remnant of Team Galactic is established.
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