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Melinda is a Pokémon Smuggler who secretly ran her business in Black City.


Melinda seems to be somewhat greedy, gladly capturing and selling Pokémon to the highest bidder. However, in public, she puts on a kind act and had everyone believing her to be a kind woman who takes in homeless and abandoned Pokémon, when in reality she was doing so in order to sell them later. She does what she can to make sure no one discovers her secret, and makes sure to keep the Pokémon in her basement healthy so that her customers will be satisfied. She does geniunely care about and treat her own Pokémon well, though.


Was once a nice little girl, although her father seemed to be afraid of Pokémon and didn't want his daughter getting close to one. Despite this, she befriended a Litwick, and when she was old enough, became a Pokémon trainer, taking the Litwick with her.