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The Conquest Arc is the multiple line arc that ran concurrent with the Holon Arc and the Return to AU Arc. Ammy, Issun, Tagg, and Herbert are sent back in time to Feudal Ransei where Ammy has mysteriously taken the form of a white Arcanine, however, things are not peaceful in Ransei. Demons and monsters roam freely as the threat of a region-wide war threatens to tear Ransei apart.

Major Events

  • War between Spectra, Nixtorm, Illusio, and their allied states.
  • Ammy, Tagg, and Lucius are brought to the past and fight the Demon Generals behind the scenes.
  • After becoming Penumbra, Umbra is defeated by Ammy, Tagg and Lucius, and the warlords and goes into a self-imposed exile.


Arc Information

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