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Penumbra as comissioned by audgreen.

Penumbra is Umbra's Winged Angel One Winged Angel form, created by his Ghost Army mass-possessing Bow who in turn possessed him, allowing Umbra to control both their Obscuric power and his own to create a form that resembled a mix of Origin Giratina and Black Kyurem that was capable of using all known Ghost-type attacks.


  • Type: Ghost
  • Ability: Pressure


Umbra first took this form at the end of the Conquest arc to fight Ammy and her party plus his fellow Warlords.

It later showed up in Lucius' mindscape.

Umbra and his team later achieved a smaller, weaker version of the form by accident during a skiing incident.

The Ghost-types of Creepy Steeple achieved this form with the power of the Ruby Star.

During The Pause, the J-Team fought it once again on top of an Infinity Tower created by the Flickering Thing.

Theme Music

Original-ish Penumbra theme


20k Boss Rush remix