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Ren Kaiken, favorite knife at the ready. (Comission by audgreen.)

Ren Kaiken is an assassin from the Conquest arc. She has green hair and purple eyes, and wears all black, gray and brown, including a cloak with a hood and cloth "mask" to conceal her appearance.


Ren started her life in Greenleaf before running away to Yaksha and training to be an assassin. Since then, she had many prominent assassinations, including being hired by Shiryoku to kill Han'you of Greenleaf.

Lucanus hired her to assassinate Sabaku, but she wound up killing Alphonse instead. However, she was still hired by The Ghost Lord to kill Ammy and steal the Lunar Pendant.

When she attempts to do so, the Lunar Pendant's defense mechanism activates and destroys her body but seals her soul inside of it.

She ultimately befriends the entity within the Lunar Pendant and allows it to absorb her soul to save it and Ammy.

This later leads her to be reincarnated in a sense as the Lunar Pendant's human form, Arika.


  • Ren enjoyed making woodblock prints in her spare time. Since her and Arika's personalities merged she's been trying to take it up again.
  • While she was never monified before her pseudo-death, her Pokeform would have been a Snivy.
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