Lunar Pendant

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The Lunar Pendant is a legendary wish-granting pendant, made of kyanite inlaid in silver in a crescent moon shape. It was once part of a jewelry ensemble for Palkia, before falling into the hands of various others (most of which didn't know of its power).

At one point it fell into the hands of Waka, prompting an attack on the Celestial Plain by Yami and Orochi. Waka escaped, but lost the Lunar Pendant in the process.

From there, it fell into the hands of many humans, eventually leading to it being obtained by Izumi. It was stolen from her by Tsubasa, but she lost it and it fell into the paws of Ammy. The Lunar Pendant then mysteriously sealed the soul of Ren inside itself when she tried to assassinate Ammy, and revealed it had gained sentience.

It was then revealed that Umbra let it fall into Ammy's paws so the Demon Generals would die trying to get it, and sent Ren after Ammy to use up the pendant's defense mechanism. He then fought Ammy for it as Penumbra. Ren's soul was willingly absorbed by the Lunar Pendant to heal it and Ammy during the fight. Eventually, Umbra was defeated, and Ammy threw the Lunar Pendant into the ocean.

It was later revealed that the Lunar Pendant transformed itself into Arika, and that Ren is still a part of Arika's consciousness.

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