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Duolis in her traditional attire. By Pikaninja

Duolis, occasionally known as the Ghost Lady, was Umbra's wife in ancient Ransei. She served as a voice of compassion to his ruthlessness.


Duolis met Umbra as he was training within the Spectra militia. They quickly fell in love, and were married about two years later. Shortly after Umbra became Warlord of Spectra, and began his descent into tyranny. Duolis stayed with Umbra because she loved him and still saw good in him, but was afraid to confront him about his ways.

Following Umbra's defeat and self-imposed exile on Shadedrake Island, she planned on meeting him along with their son Trios, but she was killed by those seeking revenge against the Ghost Lord five years later. She eventually became a Honedge following a Spirit Game using Shadow Force as her medium. By the time she met Umbra again in Kalos, she had evolved into Doublade.


In Life


As a Pokemon

Quote pending.

Species: Aegislash

Gender: Female

Nature: Docile

Ability: Stance Change

Obtained: [pending]

Ball: None (Formerly Dusk)

Name Basis: The "two" to Monos' "one" and Pentigan's "five"

General Description:


Bio: Pending

Known Moves:



Portrait of Duolis as an Aegislash warrior-mage. (Commission by Zu-Art.)


  • As a Doublade Duolis considers souls to have different taste depending on the person's morality ("bad" souls tasting much better than "good" ones), and has become something of a connoisseur.
  • Duolis had a far closer bond with her father Monos than her mother.
  • When alive, Duolis had a pet Dunsparce obtained from Revy named Oldur, who was the direct ancestor of Luxord.
  • As with Styx, Umbra never confines her to a Pokeball due to being the ghost of someone close to him.
  • While she was never monified before dying and becoming a Ghost, her Pokeform would have been a Mawile.
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