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"Sounds like someone's due for an ass-whooping!"

Gender: Female

Nature: Impish

Ability: Prankster

Obtained: Shadedrake Island

Ball: None (Formerly Dusk)

Name Basis: A river that runs through the mythological Greek underworld

General Description:

Styx fits the Sableye mold of being mischievous, and she loves it. She’s prone to snark and taunting her opponents. She’s also surprisingly adaptable, and when she’s not looking for someone to prank she’s learning how to use technology in the modern world at a surprising speed. However, she has a rather unusual past – she was once Umbra’s sister, and became a Ghost out of her desire to help and protect him. As a result, she cares greatly about other “good people” – even ones she barely knows. (It won’t stop her from pulling pranks on them, though.)

Bio: Coming soon

Known Moves: Shadow Sneak, Foul Play, Will-o-wisp, Toxic, Zen Headbutt.


Marie Nox, Styx's former self, and the form she takes when she uses an armband.

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