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"Mom! Dad! Watch this!"

Species: Larvitar -> Pupitar -> Tyranitar

Gender: Male

Nature: Naughty

Ability: Guts/Shed Skin/Sand Stream

Obtained: Larvitar breeding mill in Hoenn

Ball: Dusk

Name Basis: A tyrannical character from Fate/Stay Night, who is named after an epic hero. Alternatively, the Final Fantasy character.

General Description:

Gilgamesh was a reject from a Larvitar eugenics project - but barely. Even as a Larvitar his attacks were unusually powerful, and he’s able to own his own in battle against much older foes. He’s very sweet and affectionate, going to the point of adopting Jadis and Abel as his parents, and the only lapse was when he was turned into another Gilgamesh by a vengeful fourth wall. This all changes when he evolves into Pupitar – he becomes a stereotypical teenage brat, and annoys everyone to no end. Thankfully, he reverts to a less babylike version of his Larvitar personality when he evolves again, and regains loyalty to his “parents.” Hoewever, through all three stages he’s got quite the mischievous streak.

Bio: Coming soon

Known Moves:

  • TypeRock.gif Stone Edge, Rock Slide
  • TypeDark.gif Dark Pulse, Crunch
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
  • TypeDragon.gif Outrage

Trivia: Coming soon.

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