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Hi, Umbramatic here, but you can call me Umbra. WAAPT member since December 31st, 2011, with plenty of shenanigans from there. On this wiki I mainly do things like create categories and templates and pages, mainly for my characters but also for other things. I have also written multiple things in the Tutorials category, as well as the Tone Essay.

Contact Information


All only provided to people I trust on request in varying circumstances.

  • Personal email
  • Personal Skype (note: rarely used)
  • Facebook account
  • Phone numbers of me and my family
  • Addresses of my apartment and parents' house


Contacts that reveal less sensitive personal info; feel a good bit freer contacting me via these.

  • Non-personal email:
  • Non-personal Skype: umbra.matic
  • XMPP accounts:
  • Tumblr:
  • Others worth adding?

My Headcanon/Prototype Yangverse Details

Random headcanony beliefs of mine about the Pokemon world I hope to also make a reality in my shared universe of Pokefic, the Yangverse (stories of which so far linked in Authors' Works). Can be found here.

Trigger Warnings

Stuff you should avoid to not set me off, so please, read here.