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Mina is a female Purrloin NPC living in Goldenrod. She is part of a secret feline organization that worships the Ceiling Persian and works towards the rested, non-violent, petting-based dominance of feline mons over humanity. Some of the wild mons in the National Park comment on her existence.

At some points Mina tries to hunt Shahinne and random Silly Pidgeys; her usual food is Hoothoot however, which she snipes from the window of her apartment to then go nom them in her laundry basket.

While most of the players were at the PMD world, a portion of Rex's team stayed behind at Faith's house, included Jemma the evil overlord understudy. Mina sabotaged Jemma's destruction dispensing cannon and afterwards purposely provided borked information on how to repair via internet, causing Jemma to further damage the weapon and thus delaying her world domination plans. As a prize for her successful scheme, Mina then noms a Rattata.

Mina is the pet of a human girl; of course, the human is actually the slave in the relationship.

NPC Handlers: SilentReverence.