Infinity Keystone Arc

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-->And the Waves they did wield on that glorious day, when all Sinnoh shuddered with WAR!

-A number of Shrine Xatu following the end of Hoenn 2011

The Infinity Keystone Arc was the arc that took place following Hoenn, which ran concurrently with Kanjoh-1. It involved the J-Team members in Sinnoh taking on Annoski and his Spiritomb Army.

Major Events

  • Tagg ends up releasing Annoski from the Keystone.
  • The J-Team members in Sinnoh are forced to go on a hunt for the Tears of the Sinnoh Lake Trio.
  • The J-Team is tested by the Aura Guardians after having to go on a scavenger hunt throughout Sinnoh.
  • Annoski is defeated at The Cathedral.


Arc Information

  • Players Joining:

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