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Asphodel is Onion's Umbreon.


  • Age: 2
  • Birthday: November 3
  • Gender: Female
  • Nature: Careful
  • Ability: Synchronize
  • Met: Twinleaf Town (Eevee)
  • Ball: Poke
  • Favorite Move: Pursuit
  • Likes: Planning
  • Dislikes: Conspiracies


Asphodel is friendly (albeit somewhat shy) and enjoys playing with people and other mons. She is also somewhat paranoid, and often believes that mildly strange events are sinister and malicious. Because of this, she has come to keep various notes with her at all times, on which she documents exactly what she asserts is the correct procedure in any given situation, no matter how seemingly inane or ridiculous.

Abilities in Battle

Having grown up in Mr. Backlot's yard, Asphodel is not used to battling. She has very strong defenses and is able to withstand powerful attacks.

Known moves:

  • TypeDark.gif Pursuit, Faint Attack
  • TypeNormal.gif Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack
  • TypeGhost.gif Confuse Ray


Asphodel grew up and spent the larger part of her life as an Eevee with Mr. Backlot along with her brothers, including Mix. She was eventually chased out by Spiritomb along with him and the rest of her brothers and was caught by Onion while Mix was caught by Every.


Asphodel gets along well with most of Onion's team.

Asphodel is good friends with Pariah.

She is Mix's sister.

Onion's Team
On Hand : Pariah625Mini.pngPuzzle332Mini.pngAsphodel197Mini.pngRatchet229Mini.pngXakk635Mini.png
Released : Fido248Mini.pngHusk292Mini.png
As last seen in: PMD-A