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Puzzle is Onion's Cacturne.


  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: May 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Unknown
  • Ability: Sand Veil
  • Met: Route 228
  • Ball: Ultra
  • Favorite Move: Sucker Punch
  • Likes: Unknown
  • Dislikes: Distractions


Puzzle tends not to speak or move.

Abilities in Battle

Puzzle is capable of using both Physical and Special attacks potently, but he has weak defenses and is decidedly slow.

Known Moves:

  • TypeDark.gif Faint Attack, Sucker Punch, Payback
  • TypeGrass.gif Needle Arm, SolarBeam
  • TypeFighting.gif Brick Break, Focus Blast
  • TypeNormal.gif Swords Dance


Puzzle's silence is often "translated" by Pariah.

Onion's Team
On Hand : Pariah625Mini.pngPuzzle332Mini.pngAsphodel197Mini.pngRatchet229Mini.pngXakk635Mini.png
Released : Fido248Mini.pngHusk292Mini.png
As last seen in: PMD-A