Wolf's Chain Trade Sequence

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A sequence of trades made as part of a Miniarc in which Wolf became a Silent Protagonist beginning with a Seashell and ending with the Triforce. Took part during the Orange Islands Arc.

List of Trades (still incomplete)

  • Two(?) trades resulting in a Seashell
  • Seashell for Every's Balloon Animal
  • Balloon Animal for Basket/Abigail's Ice Sculpture (Tangent)
  • Bottle of Water/Melted Ice Sculpture for Pentigan's Stomach Medicine (Pentigan)
  • Stomach Medicine for Pleo's Silver Feather (Luke)
  • Silver Feather for Doll Cart Guy's Larvitar Doll
  • Larvitar Doll for Man with a Skitty's Personal Plasma Propeller
  • Personal Plasma Propeller for Pentigan's Some Gears And Such
  • Some Gears And Such for Tagg's Treasure Map (Tagg)
  • Treasure Map for Slouch/Nick's Mystery Gift Box (Slouch)
  • Mystery Gift Box for Pentigan's Fellstalk Seeds
  • Fellstalk Seeds for Barley's Weather Vane
  • Weather Vane for Silent's Borked Pendant and Pretty Stone
  • Borked Pendant and Pretty Stone for DS' Luminous Orb
  • Luminous Orb for Mezzo's Triforce