Halloween Party 2011

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The Halloween Party 2011 took place on New Island, upon invitation by Basket and conspirators.


The group gradually arrives at New Island (south of Kanto), in various costumes.


Patients Zero

Basket had previously recruited Lake, Nadia, Teala, and Doc into a Halloween prank she concocted from studying research data at a previous visit to the New Island lab ruins. The data involved the development of a viral Charizard transformation, which Team Rocket scientists rejected for potentially strengthening the enemy with little power advantage of its own. On the other hand, Basket saw great potential for it in playing a zombie apocalypse game...

Basket, Teala, and Doc dosed themselves with the virus, with Lake and Nadia planting themselves in the crowd to dramatically play the infectees.


As planned, the initial infection of Lake and Nadia caused an uproar among the partiers. Not as planned, the infectees learned of a previously-unknown hivemind effect caused by the virus, causing a mass obsession among the Charizard 'M with spreading the infection to the entire group. Several teammates and Trainers, including Tracer, were inducted into the hivemind and joined in the hunt.