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Species: Tropius

Gender: Female

Nature: Calm

Ability: Harvest

Obtained: Azalea Town

General Description TBA


Basket is a Tropius and Tangent's starter. Part of a flock migrating off the Johto mainland, she was lost to them during a windstorm at a very young age, and fell to Azalea Town where she was raised by Tangent's parents.

Known Moves

  • TypeFlying.gif Fly
  • TypeGround.gif Earthquake
  • TypeNormal.gif Return, Stomp
  • TypeGrass.gif Magical Leaf, Frenzy Fruit


Basket knows the more-or-less-unique move Frenzy Fuit, a variation on Frenzy Plant.

Basket gets around enough and she has various offspring in various branches and timelines of the RP.

Tangent's Team
On Hand : Basket357Mini.pngPankaja194Mini.pngRosary123Mini.pngLua156Mini.pngCephas074Mini.pngRufus552Mini.pngFuego105aMini.png
With Team Nova : Abby584Mini.png
Has Previously Borrowed : Thresher598Mini.png (from Tagg)
Alternate Universe (unofficially) : Basket357Mini.pngBarley357Mini.pngMint and Boldo357Mini.pngZoroarks Red and Blue571Mini.png
Another Universe : Roxy359Mini.pngCuyahoga006Mini.pngSam022Mini.pngBlenda405Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc