Tangent Wantwight

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Name: Tangent Wantwight
Nickname: --
Gender: nonbinary
Sexuality: Unknown
Age: ~33 (As of 2023)
Height: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Birthday: April 1990
Attribute: N/A
Trainer ID: N/A
Home: Azalea Town, Johto
Pokéform: Tropius
Starter: Basket
Status: Alive

Tangent Wantwight is one of the player characters. A 29 year old Trainer from Azalea Town, they are also a member and co-founder of the WAAPT-verse's version of PEFE. They join the group at the beginning of the Gold Conference for the longest. cameo. ever.


When they were a kid, Tangent was afraid of Pokémon and rejected contact with them. This started to change when after a stormy night his family found a young Tropius separated from her flock. The family raised the Pokémon as one of their own family members and eventually Basket helped Tangent get over his fear of Pokémon.

At about 16 years old, Tangent and other Trainers were called by the Cool Old Guys to expand on the information of the Pokédex project.

After Tangent was introduced to the main group, some of their Pokémon ended being up held hostage by the Sinnoh Cubone Tribes due to a misunderstanding. Tangent and Tagg's Pokémon had to go there to rescue them. Later on Tangent helped carry out the testing procedure to sign Luke in to PEFE.

The timeline divergence at the end of the Gold Conference found Tangent in the PEFE HQ; after this was solved, they eventually joined the group for some exploration and adventures across the Orange Islands. It was there that after Fool's capture of a Tropius, Tangent received enough compiled information from PEFE so as to try and locate Basket's family flock. During that time Tangent also added a new member to their team.

Tangent rejoined the group in Hoenn just in time to witness Crewe's past be revealed by Mew, and subsequently become stuck in The Mindscape. Afterwards, they followed the group around the region, and received a Cyndaquil Egg that would hatch into Lua.

Tangent's Team

Tangent's Team
On Hand : Basket357Mini.pngPankaja194Mini.pngRosary123Mini.pngLua156Mini.pngCephas074Mini.pngRufus552Mini.pngFuego105aMini.png
With Team Nova : Abby584Mini.png
Has Previously Borrowed : Thresher598Mini.png (from Tagg)
Alternate Universe (unofficially) : Basket357Mini.pngBarley357Mini.pngMint and Boldo357Mini.pngZoroarks Red and Blue571Mini.png
Another Universe : Roxy359Mini.pngCuyahoga006Mini.pngSam022Mini.pngBlenda405Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc


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