Mint and Boldo

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(at unison) "Identical!"
(Both siblings then high-five with their leaf-wings)

Mint and Boldo are Basket and Barley's saplings (offspring) in the AU. They were first introduced shortly after Basket was reunited with Tangent at the end of the PEFeDOS miniarc.

Along with Barley, they quickly grew to love PEFE HQ, and the family has taken up permanent residence there. The boys often help out answering calls at the switchboard. Apparently they do a good job, or are at least extremely adorable, since callers don't seem to complain about having to guess at Pokéspeak.

Tangent's Team
On Hand : Basket357Mini.pngPankaja194Mini.pngRosary123Mini.pngLua156Mini.pngCephas074Mini.pngRufus552Mini.pngFuego105aMini.png
With Team Nova : Abby584Mini.png
Has Previously Borrowed : Thresher598Mini.png (from Tagg)
Alternate Universe (unofficially) : Basket357Mini.pngBarley357Mini.pngMint and Boldo357Mini.pngZoroarks Red and Blue571Mini.png
Another Universe : Roxy359Mini.pngCuyahoga006Mini.pngSam022Mini.pngBlenda405Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc