Zoroarks Red and Blue

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"Red" and "Blue" are two male Zoroark NPCs in the WAAPT Alternate Timeline (AU). They appeared in Johto where they tried to reach a safe haven in the Orange Islands and thus escape from the war. However they end up instead involved in various adventures that end up eventually acting as PEFE employees and then associating themselves with Tangent.

In the Original Timeline, they are instead associated to a TV channel in the Angela Region.

NPC Handlers: Tangent128.

Official Artwork: [by Pikaninja]

Tangent's Team
On Hand : Basket357Mini.pngPankaja194Mini.pngRosary123Mini.pngLua156Mini.pngCephas074Mini.pngRufus552Mini.pngFuego105aMini.png
With Team Nova : Abby584Mini.png
Has Previously Borrowed : Thresher598Mini.png (from Tagg)
Alternate Universe (unofficially) : Basket357Mini.pngBarley357Mini.pngMint and Boldo357Mini.pngZoroarks Red and Blue571Mini.png
Another Universe : Roxy359Mini.pngCuyahoga006Mini.pngSam022Mini.pngBlenda405Mini.png
As last seen in: Entralink Arc