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Hikari Minami is a breeder, PEFE researcher, and Sakura's best friend.


Hikari has purple hair and a ponytail, she wears glasses and has green eyes, she wears a beret on her head that has a purple stripe on it, other than that she's usually seen in a white overcoat with a purple short dress, and she also wears purple boots.


Hikari is a pretty upbeat and friendly girl, while also being a bit clumsy, ditzy and a bit childlike at times, she still is a very smart and mature girl most of the time and is always seeking to solve problems verbally, specially if it involves one of her friends. She prefers to approach things in a more logical and intellectual way while giving all the support she can to her friends, she also has a bit of an inferiority complex, mostly regarding Sakura due to she thiking she's a better person and trainer than her.


  • Age: 23 (As of 2018)
  • Height: 1.63m
  • Birthday: July 9, 1994
  • Starter Pokémon: Azure the Azumarill
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Type: Normal
  • Likes: Pokémon, Sakura, hanging out with friend, ice cream, children, technology.
  • Dislikes: Pokémon abuse, false and stupid people, troublemakers.


Hikari's first mention in the story was when she gave Sakura Dylan's egg and was only seen personally way after that.

Hikari's parents were long time friends of Lyuri and Sakura's parents, and once they heard of the cave-in they immediatelly went to see what happened, Hikari found Sakura hiding in the Floaroma Meadow and befriended her, bringing her along to live with her and her parents, becoming a replacement older sister for Sakura in the process and also making her grown out of her shy, socially awkward self. Living on Hikari's ranch did a lot of good to Sakura since she could play with all kinds of Pokémon in there, but eventually she decided to go on her journey to find Lyuri with Grant, understanding her, but not being able to go with her, Hikari gave her Serenity as a gift and to offer her better protection.

Hikari was present during the final moments of Sakura's search, together with Rawst, she met them in Canalave and gave them a boat ride to New Moon Island, she accidentally went into a group of Tentacool and Tentacruel which almost resulted in Sakura's death, but thankfully everything worked out, the trio then sucessfully entered the island. Darkrai's sudden appearance on the island scared Hikari a bit, but after some revelations, Lyuri appeared on the island and the sisters were reunited.

After all that she went back to her job after helping Rawst to declare his love to Sakura, and appeared later on Goldenrod where she found Rawst's house by pure luck and stayed with Sakura, Lyuri, Rawst and temporarily Des and Alyssa, during her stay there she and Lyuri finally made Rawst and Sakura a true couple. After going from Goldenrod to Olivine, Hikari had a small chat with Straw in which she revealed that the reason she gave Dylan to Sakura was because his parents died on her ranch and said incident traumatized Hikari, making her give Dylan to Sakura thinking she would take better care of him than her.

Hikari was also involved in Sakura's little breakdown due to an incident where Lake got attacked by Des right in front of her, Hikari ultimately calmed Sakura down and helped her and Des to sort out their differences. She unfortunately had to leave soon after that due to her mother, who was taking care of the ranch, got sick, making her have to go home.

Hikari still had some conversations via phone with Sakura and Des while gone and once again joined the group once again for Christmas, giving Lyuri and Des a Pokémon Egg each.


As mentioned Sakura is her best friend and both treat each other as sister, Sakura's actual sister Lyuri is also a big friend of Hikari's.

She's also friends with Des, Alyssa and Rawst, even helping the latter to get together with Sakura and helping the former out of the mess he caused by pushing Sakura's buttons.

She is currently in a relationship with Jacob.


Jacob and Hikari sharing an intimate moment. (Commission by sapphireluna.)


  • Hikari has mentioned her ranch many times already, but never mentioned where exactly it is located.
  • She has a surprising luck, being able to get out of bad situations barely because Lady Luck said so, she even managed to find Rawst and Rex's house by just guessing.
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