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Dylan is the Carracosta Sakura got from Hikari as an egg.


A regular Carracosta


  • Age: 3 months old
  • Height: 1.2m
  • Birthday: October 29
  • Nature: Jolly
  • Ability: Solid Rock
  • Item: Quick Claw
  • Met: Ecruteak (As a Tirtouga)
  • Ball: Pokéball
  • Favorite Move: Earthquake
  • Likes: Playing, sweets, Sakura, hanging out.
  • Dislikes: Boredom, spicy food.


A cheerful kid who is always looking for something fun to do, he tends to cause some minor trouble with Earthquake when using it in inappropriate places, but he already learned.

Battle Strategy

He just follows what Sakura says, and as such, his main strategy is boosting himself with Curse and attack the opponent, he also likes to use Bubble Shield to protect himself and to have some fun, he also relies on his Quick Claw to get some surprise attacks on the opponent as well.

Known Moves:

Dylan's Moveset
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeWater.gif Aqua Jet Natural ★★★★
TypeWater.gif Bubble Shield Tutor ★★★★ Used for playing
TypeWater.gif Surf HM ★★★
TypeWater.gif Waterfall HM ★★★★ His main offensive Water-type move
TypeWater.gif Water Gun Natural ★★
TypeWater.gif Withdraw Natural ★★★
TypeRock.gif Ancient Power Natural ★★
TypeRock.gif Rollout Natural ★★
TypeRock.gif Stone Edge TM ★★★★ His main Rock-type move
TypeNormal.gif Double Team TM
TypeNormal.gif Giga Impact TM
TypeNormal.gif Protect Natural ★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Substitute TM ★★
TypeGround.gif Earthquake Breeding ★★★★★
TypeGhost.gif Curse Natural ★★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Dylan (Sakura)


He was given to Sakura by her close friend Hikari, the egg hatched on Ecruteak and since then he has been on the team, Sakura is having some trouble with finding time to train him though, so he spends most of his time on his Pokéball.According to Hikari, he was given to Sakura because his parents got sick sometime after his egg was made and unfortunately they died, so Hikari gave him to Sakura thinking that she would take better care of him than her, Dylan is completely unaware of that. He has been hanging around with team since he was born and also evolved into a Carracosta.



He loves Sakura and does anything he can to help her when she needs to, while admitelly causing her a lot of problems sometimes, he's aware of what he should and shouldn't do, but his rather energetic attitude still makes him be trouble for her at times, they're still very close to each other and Sakura enjoys seeing Dylan have fun.


Seth is the one he spends the most time with of the team, Dylan acts as a bit of an annoying sibling to him, but they're still seem together rather frequently, so it's clear that they're on good terms with each other.

Grant was the one responsible of taking care of him early on, when he wasn't very good at battling, and as such the two of them are quite close as well.

Dylan's also friends with Lake, who's well aware of the property damage he causes at times, and also taught him the Bubble Shield.


  • Dylan is quite talented at causing accidental property damage ever since he was born, in order:
    • He leveled the PokéMart in Ecruteak minutes after being born with a single Earthquake
    • He broke at least a window, some furniture and the door of the Pokémon Center in Olivine, along with knocking out a few peoplemons, while bouncing around in the Bubble Shield after being hit by Seth.
    • He completely wrecked the Pokémon Center entrance in Mahogany days after evolving after being launched in his Bubble Shield by Zack's Aqua Tail.
  • He was born in Ecruteak and also evolved some days after returning there for the second time, so he was born and evolved in the same city, though he evolved in one of the routes next to it, it's close enough to count.
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