Dusty (Furret)

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Dusty is Sakura's Furret and part of her initial team.


A regular Furret


  • Age: 3
  • Birthday: February 15
  • Nature: Docile
  • Ability: Keen Eye
  • Met: Route 202 (as a Sentret)
  • Ball: Quick Ball
  • Favorite Move: Me First
  • Likes: Hanging around with the team, Sakura, helping others.
  • Dislikes: His own clumsiness and the trouble that comes with it, the box.


Dusty is quite friendly, but also quite a klutz, he frequently messes up even the most simple things with the results varying from a minor trouble to a near disaster, coupled with his rather lackluster ability in battle made him have some self-steems issues, making him think that he'll mess up everything he does. Despite this, he still tries to help whenever he can and gives moral support to Sakura.

Battle Strategy

He's not used for battle usually, but he does know quite a few moves. He normally relies on his speed to attack the opponent before they can do anything to him, and also use his speed to confuse and dodge attacks. He also is used to set up Sunny Day so that Grant gets a boost, but also can make use of it himself with Fire Punch and also makes use of Helping Hand in Double Battles to power up his partner, the results being very damaging if he's coupled with a Sunny Day boosted Grant.

  • TypeNormal.gif - Me First, Hyper Voice, Return, Double Team, Helping Hand
  • TypeDark.gif - Sucker Punch
  • TypeFire.gif - Fire Punch, Sunny Day
  • TypeWater.gif - Aqua Tail


Dusty was always naturally clumsy and always caused problems for his family, he got captured by Sakura after one of his screw-ups caused her a lot of trouble, and neither of them like to comment on it. He was relunctant at first, but soon enough he become one of Sakura's loyal companions, plus he couldn't cause too much trouble being inside of his Pokéball, even if he doesn't like to stay inside it for too long.


He's friends with Stella, but that makes so that he often is also involved in Lily's plans, which he of course isn't fond of one bit.

He's in good terms with the team in general, Grant in particular gives him support with his self-steem problem, he's not that close to the newcomers though.

Sakura is probably the one he likes the most, both enjoy each other's company a lot and Sakura's nice nature made her tolerate his mistakes a lot more than some of the others, making their bond even stronger.


  • Took out Jasmine's Excadrill basically alone, despite him not being a very good battler, and even managed to set up a Sunny Day so that Grant could finish the fight.


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