Lily (Sakura)

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Lily is Sakura's Whimsicott and part of her original team.


A normal Whimsicott with a yellow ribbon on her head.


Lily is a prankster and as such she's always causing problems everywhere, she likes to steal things when nobody is looking and is shown to be quite confident in her abilities. She can be quite a sarcastic fellow to most peoplemons and sometimes she goes too far on her pranks, still she really cares about her teammates and trainer and would never hurt them on purpose. Ironically Lily is rather aggressive in battle, despite her being used mainly for support.

Other Details:

  • Age: 6
  • Height: 0,8m
  • Birthday: January 5
  • Nature: Impish
  • Ability: Prankster
  • Met: Pinwheel Forest (As a Cottonee)
  • Ball: Premier Ball
  • Favorite Move: Hurricane/Taunt
  • Likes: Pranks, Stella, hair accessories, creating plans
  • Dislikes: The Box, people with no sense of humour, being interrupted, having her plans foiled.

Battle Strategy

Lily most of the time ends accidentally drawing the most attention in battle, so she focuses on dodging while using Leech Seed and/or Stun Spore to cripple her opponent while occasionally attacking, she's also fond of using Taunt. It's hard to hit her, but she isn't the most resistant of mons so any hit against her can severely cripple her.

  • TypeGrass.gif - Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Stun Spore
  • TypeDark.gif - Thief, Taunt
  • TypeFire.gif - Hidden Power
  • TypeFlying.gif - Hurricane, Tailwind
  • TypeNormal.gif - Protect, Double Team
  • TypePsychic.gif - Light Screen


As a Cottonee, Lily was found by Sakura when she was hiding inside of a tree husk in a rainy day, she was a bit depressed at the moment and got scared of Sakura when they first met, but Sakura easily earned her trust by bringing her along for a better shelter and she has been part of the team since then, Lily never explained what happened before they met and doesn't look like she will anytime soon.


Stella is her best friend and has co-worker in almost all of her schemes, but she has a tendency of messing everything up at some point. Similarly, Dusty ends up involved in their plans, willingly or not, they are also close friends even though Dusty doesn't like her pranks a lot, specially when he's her target.

Seth dislikes her and the feeling is mutual, Lily however doesn't seem to have a reason to do so, but it may be a more personal reason. Either way, Seth dislikes her due to her pranking habits and would gladly ruin her plans if given half a chance to, much to Lily's irritation.

Grant and Serenity both frequently scold Lily and Stella for their antics, Lily doesn't usually care about what they say, but she likes the attention they give her.

Lily is also trying to make Dylan join her in her schemes, Dylan however is completely oblivous to that. The two are in good terms with each other though and Dylan still hasn't participated in any of Lily's pranks.


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