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Seth is Sakura's Scizor and the first Pokémon she caught after her debut.


He's a shiny Scizor, he can also be frequently seen with a Life Orb tied to his neck like a necklace.


  • Age: 9
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Birthday: December 20
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Technician
  • Item: Life Orb.
  • Met: National Park (As a Scyther)
  • Ball: Sport
  • Favorite Move: Bullet Punch/Agility
  • Likes: Relax, explore places, battling, spicy food.
  • Dislikes: Losing, being bored, being underestimated, dry food.


Seth is tranquil and doesn't care much about what is going on around him, he doesn't care much about making friends and even after joining Sakura's team he isn't actively wanting to make new friends, it's more like something that just happens to him, however he can be rather protective of his friends and does care about them even if it doesn't look like it. He prefered to do his own thing alone, not involving himself with what happens with the team and trying to avoid any internal conflict with them, but he started to interact more with them and his trainer as time passed, he still is rather laid-back, though. He's also willing to help with anything that might require some strenght to do, as well as other things if he feels like it, he isn't fond of games and sports, thinking of them as wastes of time, but isn't above taking part on one of them if someone insists on it, particularly Sakura.

In battle, Seth is quite adamant and simply refuses to lose, even if it means going past his limits, still, when he does lose, he accepts it with no hard feelings, if just some bitterness toward the opponent, he also tends to underestimate his opponents and the usefulness of some moves, he normally follows all of Sakura's commands, though he may start to act on his own when he has his own plans and since Sakura herself doesn't have problems with that behavior, he isn't afraid of acting by himself if he feels like he should.

Battle Strategy

As a Scyther he relied on his speed to get some good hits in and dodge any incoming attacks.

When he evolved he had to get adjusted to the weight of his new steel armor, he was instructed by Sakura to rely less on speed and try to tank the hits and strike back, this didn't work as well as they wanted though, Seth eventually remembered about Agility and by making use of it he became faster and as such had the benefits of his evolution without many drawbacks, he prefers to strike swiftly and to disorient his opponents using his speed or other means, he also learned Roost so that he could recover from some of the harder hits he may take.

Known Moves:

Seth's Moveset
Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeBug.gif X-Scissor Natural ★★★★
TypeSteel.gif Bullet Punch Natural ★★★★★
TypeFlying.gif Acrobatics TM ★★★★
TypeFlying.gif Roost TM ★★
TypeFlying.gif Wing Attack Natural
TypeFighting.gif Detect TM ★★
TypeFighting.gif Superpower Tutor ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Double Team TM ★★
TypeNormal.gif Focus Energy Natural ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Swords Dance Natural ★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Agility Natural ★★★★
TypeDark.gif Night Slash Natural ★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Seth

Battle Record


  • Sakura VS Ammy (Goldenrod)
    • VS Sickle - Defeat
  • Sakura Vs Lyuri (Azalea)
    • VS Hayato - Victory
    • VS Duke - Defeat
  • Sakura and Lyuri VS Crow and Vrang
    • VS Venomous and Magda - Defeat
  • Sakura VS Jasmine
    • VS Excadrill - Switched out
  • Sakura VS Chuck
    • VS Hitmontop - Victory
    • VS Machamp - Defeat
  • VS Dylan (Practice Battle) - Victory
  • Sakura VS Pryce
    • VS Lapras - Victory
  • Sakura VS Jacob (Blackthorn)
    • VS Argentum and Regina - Defeat (friendly fire from Dylan)
  • VS Atlas and Hercules - Victory


  • Sakura VS Jacob (Virbank)
    • VS Regina - Defeat
  • VS Grant (Practice Battle) - Defeat
  • VS Bishop - Victory
  • VS Kirk - Victory



Seth was caught by Sakura during a bug-catching contest in the National Park, and was caught surprisingly easily.

He evolved soon after Sakura found her sister, Lyuri, after Sakura and Hikari decided to make a little trade and they decided to evolve him already, Seth himself had no problems with that, since then he's been with the team and progressivelly becoming less distant of the other team members, to the point where he's frequently seen accompanied by someone else of the team now, however since he evolved he was having some problems with battling thanks to the extra weight that comes with being a Scizor making him less agile, he still did well enough in battle, but not as well as he would've liked, battling Chuck was a huge issue for him since he suffered huge damage when battling to the point that not even the Pokémon Center could cure him completely.

After the Christmas celebration and after Sakura and co. went back to Ecruteak, Dylan evolved and Sakura suggested a practice battle between him and Dylan, Seth was initially losing, but not wanting to lose to Dylan of all mons, he tried to think of a way of striking him fast and doing so made him remember the move Agility, which was the key for him to win the battle, surprising Sakura, Lyuri and Dylan himself with that feat, with the use of Agility he finally managed to be as agile as he was as a Scyther and that made him much better in battle, he defeated two of Pryce's Pokémon in Sakura's gym battle without many issues and has adopted Agility as one of his main moves, since then he pretty much became Sakura's main Pokémon for battling together with Grant.

Magic Mirror

Seth assisted Sakura along with Dylan during the adventure through Magic Mirror until she met Daisuke, who told her about an incoming fight with Rawst in her future, as such, she decided to go back to their world, Seth and Dylan, of course, followed her.

Kanjoh-2 Again

Seth was present during Sakura's meetings with Jacob, who had some kind of strange breakdown after a talk with Daisuke, that actually amused him quite a bit, said amusement was rewarded by a Fire Punch from Regina, he was also present during his battle with her, where he got to see a bit more of him even though it ended in his loss even after Sakura taught him a few new moves, he wasn't present during Jacob's threats to Sakura and Lyuri at the Indigo League, but he learned of it at some point, presumably from one of the girls or Grant.



Seth has a sibling bond with Sakura, they were often together and had some similar tastes, Sakura's caring personality made he warm up to her quite fast after his capture and, as such, Seth became quite devoted to her and willing to do anything for him as long as he thinks it's the right thing to do, which more often than not is the case, he also became rather protective of her and holds a lot of respect for the girl, even if she sometimes is a bit too affectionate for his tastes.

He also thinks of Jacob as a very weird individual going from the way he acted in most occasions they were together, even being amused by some of the weird things he did, however, once Jacob started to improve, they hardly had any interactions with each other.

Others include Rawst and Lyuri, who are both friends of his.


Seth has an odd friendship with Dylan, they are sometimes together, but they also doesn't look particularly close, at the least Seth certainly didn't seem close to him, still, they enjoy each other's company and Seth thinks of the Carracosta as an annoying younger sibling in some occasions, often being the first one to comment about Dylan's antics.

Bishop had a crush on Seth for a while, something that he didn't reciprocate, Seth figured it out with time and was honest to Bishop about it, while trying to be as gentle with his feelings as he could and, with Sakura's help, Bishop moved on about it and him and Seth are friends, though he makes it clear that he still has feeling for him.

Others include Grant (friend), Regina (small rivalry), Lily (mutual dislike) and Stella (dislike)


  • He's a bit of a shipper, having shipped Sakura and Rawst and also Hikari and Des, he isn't particularly proud of that, so he's much less vocal about it.
  • He once started to sparkle a lot due to Hikari and Lyuri dropping a lot of metal polisher on him.
  • He gets seasick easily.
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