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Name: Rawst
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 23 (As of 2018)
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Ethnicity: -
Birthday: March 14, 1995
Home: Goldenrod City
Pokéform: Smeargle
Starter: Borealis

Rawst is the Nega counterpart of Straw.


Rawst and Straw grew up together in Saffron City, but were not friends at all. Rawst had a tendency to bully Straw out of jealousy, sometimes throwing the Pokemon Straw was playing with over the school fence. This was because Rawst was terrible with dealing with Pokemon, while Straw was a natural, even at an early age.

At some point, his family moved to Goldenrod City. He eventually got his own starter Pokemon, Borealis. He was actually able to get along with him fairly well. Despite this, he wasn't very successful in dealing with other Pokemon. The ones he does own are the ones he has been able to actually get along with.

He never really stopped being jealous of Straw until he met Sakura, who was similar to Straw in that she was also very good with Pokemon. By getting to know her, and eventually developing a crush on her, he learned that not only was his jealousy of Straw kinda dumb, but that he could just learn to get better.


When he's around people he likes, he's fairly kind, if a bit irritable sometimes.


  • Rawst was in a relationship with Sakura, but they broke up over him disliking her alter ego Shingeko.

In the AU

Having never moved out of Saffron City in this timeline, he died in the invasion of Celadon and Saffron.

Further Details

Likes:Mons that don't hate him

Dislikes:Mons that hate him, being called a vagrant


Rawst's Team
On Hand : Borealis471Mini.pngNymph470Mini.pngNarcissa669wMini.png
Boxed : Hawkeye630Mini.pngMariana160Mini.pngNeptune130Mini.pngBane635Mini.pngSalem429Mini.pngBeacon170Mini.pngBlythe700Mini.pngCalaveras104Mini.png
As last seen in: Kalos