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A Nega-Counterpart is someone that serves as an equal yet opposite counterpart to a member of the J-Team or their affiliates. As a result, they often have a Pokéform much like a J-Team member and serve as their rival. Despite being opposites, most Nega-Counterparts are not necessarily evil, merely opposed to their counterpart for whatever reason.

Table of Nega-Counterparts
Character Character name / alias Nega-Counterpart of Gd handler Status
All All Ever everydunsparce
Claire Claire Elise strawberryflavored
Daniel Daniel Parker Alli eskay64
Dylan Dylan Jameson Ellen eskay64
Eros Eros Amoricia Psyche ace3469/conflictedpsyches
Francis Francis Moor Lane skyzerk
Grodus Sir Grodus Nico None (Semi-masculine) umbramatic
Jay Jay Crow crowlover/corvusatrox
Jenna Jenna Crescendo Pianis mezzopiano
Jessica Jessica Alyssa bittersweetnsour/eskay64
Kyle Kyle Crescendo Forte mezzopiano
Lillith Lillith DS darkershining
Lily Lily Crescendo Mezzo mezzopiano
Lucius Lucius Umbra umbramatic
Matthew Matthew Crescendo Fortis mezzopiano
Noelle Noelle Cloutier Mezzo and Lily mezzopiano
Rose Paula/Rose Jaide Diane eskay64
Pippi Pippi Fool pippingfool
Rawst Rawst Straw strawberryflavored
Remy Remy Amber pippingfool
Rex Hunter Canon!Rex WAAPT!Rex Hobgoblin Retired
Samantha Samantha Kearney Joseph ilovedogs
Zeke Zeke Arika umbramatic
Zinnia Zinnia Robin bittersweetnsours