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Lillith is an NPC handled by DarkerShining, and is also DS' nega-counterpart.


Lillith is rather boy-crazy, flirting with anyone that catches her interest. However, she tends to come on too strong and scare them off, and seems to have no concept of personal space. Despite her flaws, she is a good person. She also loves to eat, and when she is not thinking about boys, she is usually thinking about food, according to Sasorina.


Lillith is from Pyrite City in Orre, where she lived with her parents. They were a happy family, and the young Lillith eventually received her first Pokémon from her father, a certain Gligar he had caught at one of the PokéSpots. Lillith instantly took a liking to the shy Gligar, and the two became quite close. However, things soon changed for Lillith when her father ended up in jail. Lillith was certain that there had to have been some kind of mistake, but neither she or her mother were told the reason for why it had happened. Things continued getting worse as Lillith's mother, who had formerly had problems with alcohol before meeting Lillith's father, started slipping back into old habits during Lillith's teen years, wasting much of the money Lillith's uncle would send them on alcohol.

Worrying about the financial situation, Lillith decided that it was time to start training Sasorina in order to toughen her up, so they could earn extra money via Pokémon battles. The two of them began making regular trips to the PokéSpots to train, but Lillith felt it wasn't enough, and decided to ask her uncle for help. Later that year she was also introduced to her uncle's fiancée, who was quite friendly despite her inability to correctly remember Lillith's name.

Lillith continued training Sasorina, and was eventually given a Razor Fang from her uncle, allowing Sasorina to evolve into a Gliscor. Lillith soon also received a new teammate, Proxy the Porygon-Z. With her two strong Pokémon, Lillith travelled around Orre in search for more opponents she could earn some money off of, and eventually befriended a young man named Darien from Phenac City. The two eventually went on a date, but things didn't go so well because Lillith came on too strong, and they decided to just stay friends. However, this didn't go over well with Susanna, another resident of Phenac City who wanted Darien to herself and was not pleased to have Lillith around, perceiving her as a threat.

Lillith eventually decided to travel away from Orre for a while, and tried her luck in Unova. She didn't find love, but did catch a Pawniard she named Kirei. Her repeated failures at finding a boyfriend, and the loneliness she felt while away from her friends in Orre, caused her to become a bit desperate, to the point where she decided to make DS her new rival just based on the fact that DS had a boyfriend. However, the girls eventually became friends. Lillith also gained the ability to understand Pokémon from a Jirachi after an encounter with an evil version of Goggles from another universe who wanted to steal all the sand from all other worlds in order to turn his world into the biggest desert ever.

Lillith followed the J-Team when they went to Unova, and managed to catch herself a Throh she named Thoreau, who became a rival to DS' Sawk, Kohai. After DS was rescued from Melinda, Lillith ended up adopting the Dewott that was an old friend of DS' Zebstrika, Setsuna, and he was eventually given the nickname Arlen. When DS was kidnapped again, Lillith teamed up with Wolf and travelled to Holon in order to rescue her. Eventually, they were able to save her after she with the help of Flik had tried escaping on her own, and both Kirei and Arlen evolved. With DS back safe and sound, the two girls and Wolf headed back to Sinnoh for a while.

DS and Lillith later headed to Orre, where they reunited with the rest of the J-Team, and learned that things were already going wrong for them. Lillith also reunited with her aunt and uncle, and later met up with her friend Darien, followed up by a not so nice encounter with Susanna. Lillith also met up again with some of her friends in Pyrite, as well as visiting her mother. DS and Lillith are doing what they can to support the J-Team, and have even entered an underground tournament, won a Shadow Pokémon each and captured some Cipher grunts to get some info for the J-Team.


  • She originally had a mutual dislike for DS, even stealing her necklace at one point, but the two eventually became friends.


  • Lillith was the first trainer in the RP to have the Pokéform of a Gen VI Pokémon, in this case, Fennekin.
Lillith's Team
On Hand: Sasorina472Mini.pngProxy474Mini.pngKirei625Mini.pngThoreau538Mini.pngArlen503Mini.pngSamael336Mini.pngCandelaria609Mini.pngMiette761Mini.png
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