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Susanna is a trainer from Phenac City in Orre.


Susanna seems to think somewhat highly of herself, and seems to dislike "ugly" Pokémon. She is also rather clingy and obsessive over her boyfriend, Darien, and is rather hostile towards Lillith, who she believes is out to steal Darien from her.


Susanna was born and raised in Phenac City, and was close friends with Darien when growing up. As she grew older, her feelings towards Darien evolved into a crush, which later seemed to become a bit of an obsession with him and having him to herself. She also at some point aquired Nerina, a quite strong and beautiful Milotic that she seems rather proud of.


  • Susanna is essentially Lillith's Nega-Counterpart, thus making her the Nega-Counterpart of a character who is already someone else's Nega-Counterpart.